The Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ

The Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ

Pre-Surgical #1 $199 - $214.67
Planning on having surgery? We have two Pre-Surgical Infusions to prepare your body for the enormous oxidative stress.

Pre-Surgical #1 includes Vitamin C, Magnesium, Arginine, Carnitine, Trace Elements, B-Complex, B12, Glutathione and special form of Alpha Lipoic Acid, called Poly-MVA.

Our 4-Step Series includes 2 Pre-Surgical Infusions and 2 Post-Surgical Infusions.
Each infusion is specially formulated to enrich your insides with antioxidants and your outsides with wound healing.

If you want to take advantage of our Complete Series and get an $80 discount, click here

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