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Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts

Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts

Advanced bodywork in a quiet setting near Charlottesville, VA
Somatic Trauma Healing, Baby Bodywork,
Integrated Bodywork (Massage and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy),
Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage
Practice currently closed to in-person bodywork sessions except families with babies

Choose a service to schedule

Free 20 Minute Consult online via Zoom - $0
A chance to meet to see if we are good fit!
Online Session via Zoom - $120
Online Working with Families with Babies - $85
This is an online session for helping mother-baby dyads and families with babies have difficulty.
Online Session 1 hour 15 minutes via Zoom - $135
Somatic inquiry, Somatic Experiencing online, Trauma Stabilization, Resilience and Resolution
Online Session 1 hour 30 minutes via Zoom - $150
Somatic inquiry, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Stabilization, Resilience and Resolution
Baby Bodywork (babies 0-1 year) - $85
Bodywork to help with breastfeeding, settling, digestion, family connection, autonomic nervous system function
Online Birth Integration - $120
This session is for families to help make sense of their birth experience to fully integrate and connect. It is with Kate White and Lois Trezise, CNM
Family Session Intake - $150
This is the initial meeting with parents to talk about the issues, explain the work, take a complete history on the family, including ancestral patterns.
Online Family Session (working with children and the Healing Story) - $120
For families to work on difficult birth experiences, sleep, anxiety, depression and other challenges.
Prenatal or Postpartum massage 1 hour - $100
Massage can relieve the strain caused by carrying a child as well as nurture an expectant or new mother and her baby.
Integrated Bodywork 1 hour (Massage/Craniosacral) - $120
This bodywork type blends massage touch therapy with biodynamic craniosacral therapy. The first part of your bodywork session is massage therapy to help release tight tissues in the back, chest, head, face and arms. Sometimes the feet are included. The second half of the session is biodynamic craniosacral therapy, a very light touch that engages the deeper rhythms of the body. For the newcomer to biodynamic craniosacral therapy, it feels like assisted meditation. The client often slips into a state that feels like sleep but you are awake. It feels timeless and nurturing. Craniosacral therapy was developed from osteopathy. The body has rhythms that are separate from heart rate and breathing that are connected to cerebral spinal fluid flow in the body. Osteopaths discovered several layers of these rhythms they call tides, each at a slower rate than the previous layer: cranial rhythm impulse, mid-tide and long tide. This form of therapy is excellent for meeting each layer, and by the end of your session, you will be in a slower rhythm where your own inner health can come forward and help restore your body to homeostasis. This form of integrated bodywork is excellent for the stressed person wanting to feel refreshed.
Mom and Baby treatment - $170
Mom and baby treatment together
Father/Partner Massage 1 hour - $100
Massage and craniosacral therapy for the father/partner. Part of the Whole Family Support Initiative
Directions 103 Caty Lane, Charlottesville, VA, United States