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Men's Skin Fade (45min) - $50
Mens classic cut with skin fade using foils/cutt throat razor or double zero.
Men's Classic Cut (30mins) - $43
Mens classic cut using all types of barbering techniques to tailor your hair for the look you are wanting to achieve. This doesn’t involve a skin fade.
VIP Membership - $35
This service is ONLY for the client who has a VIP membership card. Without this card, the price does not apply.
High School Skin Fade - $35
Traditional high school cut WITH a skin fade.
High School Cut - $30
Standard high school cut, NO fade with this service.
Kiddies (1-12) - $27
Mens Classic Cut w/beard trim - $55
Crew Cut W/ Fade - $37
Clippers used all over with NO scissors used on this cut. This service includes any guards from #1-6 on top with a skin fade on the sides.
Pensioner - $24
Senior - $28
Beard Trim - $20
Trimming & shaping of the beard using clippers or scissors and lining out of the beard.
Ultimate Hot Towel Shave - $60
The traditional cut throat and hot towel experience
The Works Shave & Haircut (1hr) - $80
Why not have it all? A traditional cut throat & hot towel experience with a men's classic cut.
Crew Cut - $30
This service is used with clippers all over on top, sides & back. No fade is included with this cut.
VIP Membership w/ beard trim - $40
This service is for our VIP Membership clients who also want a beard trim.
Teeth whitening - $100
Teeth whitening w/haircut - $150