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Therapies for Body (-Massage-)

60 Minute Massage - $60
60 Minute customized therapeutic massage
90 Minute Massage - $90
90 minute customized massage
30 Massage - $30
30 Minute customized therapeutic massage
60 Minute Reiki & Massage Session - $60
This is a great way to sample energy work while still getting a great massage.
Mu-Xing (Hot Bamboo) 60 minute - $70
60 Minute Heated Bamboo - the heat penetrates deep into the muscles to relax while the bamboo allows for a more deeper pressure to work out the stress and tension. Hot Bamboo can be a light relaxing massage or it can be a more intense massage for those who like it deep!
60 Minute Massage plus 30 min Zyto Scan - $85
90 Minute Massage & Reiki Session - $90
90 Minute Massage & Reiki Session
Mu-Xing 90 Minute - $100
Mu-Xing uses heated bamboo sticks the heat helps relax muscles while the bamboo offers a deeper massage (to the clients comfort level).
Mu-Xing 120 Minute - $130

Therapies for Mind (-Aromatherapy-)

Raindrop Therapy - 60 Minute - $70
Raindrop Therapy is an aromatherapy treatment that combines essential oils and massage techniques to balance the Chakras, relieve stress, and sooth sore muscles.
Raindrop Therapy & Massage - 90 minute - $100
This is a more in depth Raindrop Therapy session - more time will be added for massage to really address the problem areas.
Aromatherapy Consultation with a Zyto Scan - $25
The Zyto Scan reads your bodys bioelectric field and makes recommendations as to which essential oil products are best suited for you personally. So using this report, I will make recommendations as to which oils are going to be best for you and how to use them.
Aroma Freedom Therapy (AFT) - $30
AFT is a process of removing negative thoughts and emotions that block your ability to achieve goals and fulfill your dreams.

Therapies for Soul ( Reiki & Energy Work-)

Celtic Reiki - 30 Minute Session
30 Minute Celtic Reiki session includes goal setting, chakra clearing and balancing, customized Celtic Reiki to achieve goals.
Celtic Reiki - 60 Minute Session - $60
This 60 minute session will include goal setting, chakra clearing and balancing and custom Celtic Reiki designed based on the goals specified.


Free 1 hour consultation for advice and information regarding bookkeeping for small businesses and start up companies

Class and Workshops

AFT Group Session - $20
Aroma Therapy Technique Group Session - Limited to 10 people
Reiki and Mediation in the Park - $10
Cindy and Kim will be exploring a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, Mediation, Stone healing and essential oils and we will do it outside at a local park weather permitting. (incase of bad weather the fun will be moved to the Duir Massage office)
Essential Oils - Basics Class #1
Don't know what essential oils are or how to use them? Well this class is for you! You will learn what essential oils are and how they affect the body. I will have samples of all of the essential oils I talk about in this class. Attendees will receive a gift certificate for a free Zyto Scan (essential oil consultation). Suggested donation $10
Essential Oil Beginners Class
The beginners class is an in depth look at essential oils. We will cover 10 of the most popular essential oils and their uses. Attendees will receive a gift certificate for a complimentary Zyto Scan (essential oil consultation).