Esthetics by Annette at Altaire Medical Spa

Esthetics by Annette at Altaire Medical Spa

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Annette Rasile is a Master Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Technician and Eyebrow Microblading Artist who has 10 years experience in the esthetic and beauty industry.

If you don’t see a time online that works for you, please call or text me and I will fit you in!

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Current Specials!

60 minute IS Clinical Customized Facial w/shoulder and hand massage (normally $90) - $75
The IS Clinical Customized Facial is specifically tailored to your skincare needs. After a full skin analysis, the exfoliation and recovery masks will be custom blended using IS Clinicals powerful line of plant-derived ingredients. Facial, shoulder and hand massage rounds out this luxurious yet effective treatment.
Full-leg Wax, summer special - $55
BOBO FREE Ultra Bright Chemical Peel - $75
Brighten, tighten, and even out skin texture with this effective yet gentle chemical peel. Less downtime than peels of the past. Give your skin the exfoliation it needs!
Eyebrow shape and fill - $30
Needing some help with brow shaping and and filling them in? Using the perfect brow mapping process, the brows will be groomed and shaped to achieve perfect symmetry, followed by a fill in of brow pencil or powder. Perfect for those wanting to learn how to do this at home or before a night out on the town.


Brazilian Wax - $55
First-time Brazilian Wax - $44
Modified Brazilian Wax - $45
Student Brazilian - $49
Bikini Wax - $30
Eyebrow Wax - $15
Eyebrow and Lip Wax - $20
Nose Wax - $10
Full-Leg Wax - $65
Half-Leg Wax - $35
Underarm Wax - $20
Full Arm Wax - $45
Half-Arm Wax - $25
Full-Face Wax - $35
Includes eyebrow, lip, chin, sides of face

Multiple Waxing services

Eyebrow and Lip wax - $24
Brazilian and Eyebrow wax - $65
Brazilian and Underarm - $65
Brazilian and Half-Leg - $80
Brazilian and Full-Leg - $110
Bikini and Underarm - $40
Bikini and Half-Leg - $60
Bikini and Full-Leg - $90
Eyebrow, Lip and Nose Wax - $30

Men’s Waxing

Full-Chest Wax - $45
Full-Back Wax - $45
Full Chest and Back Wax - $80

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions, Full-Set Classic - $99
A full-set of customized eyelash extensions to enhance the length, color and fullness of your lashes. Each tapered mink extension is applied to a single natural lash adding length and curl.
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions (half classic/half volume) - $149
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a perfect mix of both classic and volume eyelash extensions. A great option for people who are wanting more fullness than what classic lashes provide but not wanting the full on glam look that volume lashes provide.
Full-Set Volume Eyelash Extensions - $199
Volume eyelash extensions provide much more fullness and dimension than traditional classic extensions. Anywhere from 2-6 lashes are “fanned” and placed on the natural lash. Volume lashing is an advanced technique that requires more time, but the results are absolutely gorgeous.
Eyelash Extension Classic 2-week fill - $35 (call for appointment)
Eyelash Extension Classic 3-week fill - $45 (call for appointment)
Eyelash Extensions 4-week Classic fill - $55 (call for appointment)
Eyelash Extension 2-week Volume fill - $50 (call for appointment)
Eyelash Extension 3-week Volume fill - $65 (call for appointment)
Eyelash Extension 4-week Volume fill - $80 (call for appointment)


Microblading Consultation - $25
A microblading consultation will provide you with all the information you need to know about getting a microblading procedure done. We will discuss how the procedure itself is performed, the healing process, aftercare and contraindications. We will also discuss how you want your brows to look and find a perfect color match for you.
Eyebrow Microblading Procedure - $300
Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that mimics the look of real eyebrows. Unlike traditional brow tattoos, microblading gives the appearance of real hairs making it difficult for anyone to tell what’s real hair and what’s not. A perfect color match will be chosen and approved by you. The eyebrow shape is completely customizable to meet your needs. It’s a two-part procedure that requires the initial microblading appointment followed by a six week touch-up. Microblading lasts 1-3 years and can be maintained with touch up appointments annually.
Microblading Touch-Up - $100
Just need a touch-up to get those brows looking fresh again? This touch-up is for people who have had their brows microbladed and it has been at least six months since the procedure.


HydraFacial - $99
HydraFacial with add-on dermaplaning - $124
IS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial - $90
The IS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening and and encouraging cell renewal.
Dermaplane with Customized Facial - $100
All the benefits of dermaplaning combined with a customized facial to suit your specific skincare needs. Consider this the ultimate “workout” for your skin. Includes a duel cleanse, dermaplane exfoliation, enzyme exfoliation, moisture infusion mask, lymphatic facial massage and vitamin C therapy.


Dermaplane - $40
Kiss that peach fuzz goodbye! Dermaplaning is a chemical free exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother than ever before. It’s painless and can even be done over a lunch hour, In addition to getting rid of any facial hair, dermaplaning gets rid of dead skin cell build up, helps diminish hyper pigmentation, and aids in the reduction of scars caused by acne.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel - $75
Buy 3 get the 4th FREE!
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