Jessica Schultz, MST, PMA-CPT, is a movement artist, teacher, and Peak Pilates Level III Master Instructor and Mentor. She has trained Pilates instructors around the world and has presented her work at conferences such as WSSC in Miami. Like many instructors, she first discovered Pilates after an injury from dance. After practicing the work for many years, she decided to share what she has learned and is so passionate about – the ability of Pilates to transform not only your body, but to reshape and reform muscle movement patterns. As a Comprehensive Peak Pilates and New York City Ballet Instructor, Jessica is constantly challenging herself as a teacher and student of Joseph Pilates’ work, whether she is dropping in on class at Oregon Ballet Theatre or spending time at a studio in Paris, France working with a German Master Trainer. While completing her Pilates apprenticeship at Geometry Pilates in the Pearl (an Authentic Pilates Studio), Jessica also concurrently completed her Master’s in Science and Teaching at Portland State University. At the university she worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and she gained valuable information on education theory, Alexander Technique, and was able to work with Barbara Conable and the Coordinate Movement program at PSU. After working as an independent instructor in Portland for over eight years, Jessica finally moved to her own space at the Eastbank Commerce Center in SE Portland in 2008. She is very excited to have a home for the unique, personalized instruction she offers in a warm and private studio environment. When not teaching at Jessica Schultz Pilates, Jessica has been featured in the Pearl Magazine, PDX Magazine, and on Telefit Television in the Dominican Republic. She was a finalist for the Pilates Anytime next Pilates Instructor in 2013 and also teaches for Oregon Ballet Theatre.
In 2014, Amanda decided to try Pilates as a low impact exercise while mending from a ruptured Achilles injury. After her first Pilates session, she was hooked – how could something that looked so easy be so challenging and fun? Pilates quickly became a passion as the results were on par to Joseph Pilates quote, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.” In 2017, with support from her husband, she decided to pursue a Pilates certification. In 2018, Amanda completed her 500+ hour PEAK Pilates comprehensive certification in classical mat and apparatus equipment exercises by Master Instructor Jessica Schultz. Amanda believes Pilates is for every-BODY. Classes should be fun as well as tailored to the client’s specific needs.
An Oregon native, Beth has studied Pilates since 2009. An active lifestyle has always been a priority for her. Nursing chronic shoulder pain and short on doctor approved physical therapy sessions, she turned to Pilates. After a few classes she realized the exercises were almost identical to her PT homework. The difference was, it was more fun. She saw that aside from learning to retrain poor muscle movement patterns, it was fabulous for toning, strengthening, building better posture, and it included a mind-body connection similar to yoga. This beautiful movement system became a passion for her. Eventually she decided to become a certified PEAK Pilates instructor under Master Instructor, Jessica Schultz here in Portland, Oregon. As an instructor, Beth combines fundamental techniques with both mat and equipment sessions for beginner to experienced students. In her teaching, she is committed to collaborating with students to find results they are seeking through useful movement patterns that transfer into their healthy everyday living.
Cara is an Oregon native, who grew up in Central Oregon. She moved to Portland at an early age to pursue her formal dance training at Oregon Ballet Theater, and continued her training at Pacific NW Ballet in Seattle. As a dancer in her teens she discovered Pilates while rehabilitating from a knee injury. She found the full body/mind movement system to be truly beneficial in recovering from injuries but also in enhancing strength and coordination in everyday life. Cara believes Pilates is a great foundation for movement of any kind. To be able to bring proper body alignment, the connection to your core, while building strength and flexibility to her clients, makes her happy. She also strives to make each class fun and approachable, and knows that ANYONE can benefit and heal through Pilates. Cara is PEAK Pilates certified in mat and apparatus equipment, she trained with Peak Pilates Master Instructor Jessica Schultz. She is also certified in MAMALATES, a mom and baby pre and post partum based program, developed here in Portland by Wendy Foster. Cara teaches Pilates mat/equipment, barre, and movement classes at studios throughout the Portland area.
Bridget discovered Pilates after the birth of her daughter, when she was seeking a gentle but effective way to regain strength and reconnect to her body. Throughout several years of a devoted Pilates practice, Bridget discovered that Pilates has the capacity to not only change your body, but change your mind-body connection as well. This led to her journey to her teacher training under Jessica Schultz, A Peak Pilates Master Instructor. Bridget’s philosophy is that movement stimulates the mind, and allows pathways for connections that we might not otherwise discover. Bridget believes that through movement, we can regain and improve flexibility, balance, and control. Pilates can also assist individuals that have struggled for years with chronic “stuck” points in their body, as well as rehabilitate and retrain the body after an injury. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and ability levels.
Debbie discovered Pilates after being intrigued by the looks of a reformer in a large fitness studio. Always searching for ways to switch up her exercise routine she tried an intro reformer class and was hooked! After a few months of practice she found her body had significantly changed and her strength and stamina with her favorite hiking and kayaking activities much improved. After spending too many years indoors sitting at desks she decided to commit to a new challenge and become a certified Pilates instructor. Beginning with the study of the Stott Pilates system and functional anatomy she decided to work with Peak Pilates master instructor Jessica Schultz and the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates for instructor training. After completing her certification she discovered her love of working with clients new to Pilates and clients struggling to regain movement after injuries. Debbie is excited to continue her education in movement and study of healthy active aging, knowing first hand how Pilates is a sustainable practice for lifelong healthy movement.