Hannah Vizcarra is a “horse crazy” mama to three girls. She loves to share her passion and knowledge for horses with her students. She has had professional training in horsemanship fundamentals and loves to teach her beginner students their way around a horse from the ground up. She loves learning to barrel race and pretty much anything that has to do with horses! Being a mother of three girls, who all ride and compete, gives Hannah the skills to work with beginner lesson students with patience, compassion, and understanding.
Carlie Gregory grew up with horses in her backyard and has loved them since she was a little girl. She loves learning about all things rodeo and barrels. She has worked as a trail guide teaching primarly beginners. She has taught her young horse how to take a rider and be brave. She is passionate about horsemanship and overcoming fears. She is a very patient, safe, fun coach who works well with beginner and nervous riders.