Bringing over 20 years of injury prevention and recovery experience to Bellingham.
My passion is improving someone's quality of life: keeping people active and getting people back to pain-free fun. I love the challenge of working with chronic pain conditions as well anyone seeking wellness and relaxation. “Cortney is an excellent therapist; she has made me a believer in massage as a real treatment for injury. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and physically strong. I’ve seen her for acute injuries, but also consider her massages to be essential for maintaining my health. My job and workout regimen put a lot of wear and tear on my body; her treatment has kept me functional, active, and on my feet for the last year. I’ve already referred numerous friends and coworkers- I can’t recommend her enough.”
I have practiced massage in Bellingham for 17 years. The unique experience I provide for each client is based on careful assessment, proper technique and quality self-care. My approach is fairly simple and straightforward. I’m a good listener and communicate well with my clients. I foster compassion and understanding for their complaints and injuries and impart a hopeful and positive attitude. My massage is multi-faceted which blends myofascial and active assisted release, trigger point and proprioceptive techniques with Swedish Massage. For five years I was the lead instructor in the Evening Massage Program at Whatcom Community College from 2012-2017 and have taught continuing education courses for frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome and massage for headaches. I have worked at many local races providing post event sports massage for runners. ​“Rhys is excellent at working out my tight muscles, strains, etc. His maintenance ideas and work have kept me going.” Marty L. (golfer)
I am is a Physical Therapy Assistant and Licensed Massage Therapist. My clients experience a diverse and comprehensive approach to massage therapy - - one which combines my background in physical therapy and massage.
I get to the root of your problem by creating an open dialogue with you. We’ll work together to find the direction for your treatment to get you back on the path to sport and wellness
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist dedicated to enhancing the lives of active people through therapeutic massage and bodywork. A former professional athlete and coach for 20+ years in the sport of squash, and massage therapist for PNW Ballet for 5 years. An excellent communicator, people person, and team player with a passion for inspiring people. I like to play golf and match players with similar playing styles and interests together to grow the community and sport in Whatcom County. MASSAGE TECHNIQUES & MODALITIES Sports Massage / Neuromuscular / Deep Tissue / Swedish / Myofascial / Structural Bodywork / Craniosacral Therapy.