Cheryl has over 15 years of personal training experience. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from UNO. Cheryl is also a LiveStrong at the YMCA trainer. Her goal is to make exercise enjoyable and to give her clients the necessary tools to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Master's in Health and Human Performance NSCA-CSCS I'm a former college athlete who has found joy in training and helping people of all skill levels over the last four years. My biggest goal with anyone training with me is to provide confidence and competence within the individual. If I can give anyone those two things I feel like I've given them tools to better take control of their own health. I'm always going to try and educate people so they can apply these habits long after they have worked with me. I like to challenge people with new movements, new ways to do old movements, and (when appropriate) some heavy weight. I tend to layer my workouts to build off of previous exercises and workouts to give the person a feeling or sense to refer back to through simple progressions and modifications. Each workout will have components working upper body, lower body, core, mobility, and work capacity. Get ready to be challenged while being set up for success!
Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science Certified Personal Trainer - NASM Certified in TRX Training Areas of Expertise: Strength Training HIIT/Circuit Training Group Training Thoughts on Fitness: I believe an active, healthy lifestyle makes for a happier life. Exercise isn't a punishment or a chore – it’s a way to get people feeling their best! Sometimes people tend to focus too much on how food and fitness make them look instead of focusing on how great healthy eating and regular workouts make them feel. Eat well, sweat often and laugh a lot: that’s the magic superset to looking and feeling amazing without losing any of the fun along the way!
The time has come to take advantage of your potential. You deserve to feel better, look better and perform better both in and out of the gym. With proper planning and willpower you will crush your fitness goals and turn them into healthy habits and I am here to help. My focus is on building and maintaining muscle through weight lifting and resistance training. Area of expertise: Strength training Hypertrophy training Endurance training