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Initial Eval Hormone Replacement - $95
The initial evaluation reviews your symptoms and goals for hormone replacement.

In addition to reviewing benefits and risk of hormone replacement, we will assess whether you are a good candidate.

If you choose to proceed, we can draw baseline hormone labs during your appointment.

During your appointment, we will draw hormone labs. The cost of the labs is included in the price of the visit.

Well Life ABQ takes a conservative approach to hormone replacement, balancing the excellent benefits with the risk.

Our approach to hormone replacement is not one size fits all. For starters, beyond your baseline levels, we require post-pellet hormone levels to determine your safest dose. We also offer optional advanced hormone testing that evaluates how you METABOLIZE hormones. When we know HOW you metabolize hormones, we can provide the best hormone replacement safety.

Our pellets are yam based and meet the highest standards available. We offer testosterone, anastrazole, estradiol and progesterone pellets in multiple doses.

We recommend a mammogram within one year prior to starting estrogen replacement. We recommend a complete blood count and cholesterol testing prior to starting testosterone replacement. These tests can ordered or performed in the clinic. This is how we are best able to evaluate any untoward health impacts replacement might be having. Our clinic targets more conservative dosing for the best balance between benefits and risk.

If pellets are your goal, our cost for pellet insertion is $250 plus the cost of the pellets. A typical cost for a female pellet is about $300. A typical cost for a male pellet is $400-500 depending on dose. We can offer these lower costs because we do not participate in the many "BRAND" programs that results in price markups. The truth is there are only a few pharmacies in the country licensed to make sterile hormone pellets, so there is no magic to these "brand" pellets.

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