Witch Pix
Witch Hats - September 27 - $70
September 27, 2018 7:30 - 9:30pm

Create your own pointy steepled topped Witch Hat!  Just in time for Haunted Happenings events in Salem , Trick or Treat with the kids and all those Halloween parties.  This extravagant hat is an awesome up-cycled creation ready for your customization.  Our hats are the perfect solution for flying on your witches broom.  Inspiration, supplies and encouragement provided in a fun entertaining workshop of creativity, wine sipping and new friendships.  Strut your stuff and show off that lovely hat with a spooky photo shoot .  Our hand painted Lair backdrop with an infrared crystal ball and special camera filters  will give you a perfectly spooky photo gallery to show off your masterpiece..

Costume Craft & Pix is our Pop-Up Workshop. We combine DIY costume accessories with Fantasy Shoot photography and a little wine, so you can have a creative and entertaining evening with friends.

Location:  Witch Pix 172 Essex Street, Museum Place Mall, downtown Salem, MA

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