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Yoga Classes

ZOOM Hatha Yoga ( for pre paid students )
In Person Studio Hatha Yoga ( for pre paid students)
These classes will be held at the studio. Please wear mask entering and leaving, Limit personal belongings, temperature will be taken before class, must bring your own props (mat 2 blocks and a blanket available for purchase at the studio) no prop sharing.
ZOOM Drop in Yoga Class - $12
In Person Drop in Class at Studio - $12
Purchase and schedule #1 of 10 Class Pass Studio or Zoom - $110
Use this to purchase and book your 1st class on the 10 class pass. Then register all other classes with the Hatha Yoga button. Please specify if this is Zoom or Studio.
Purchase and schedule #1 of 5 Class pass Studio or Zoom - $60
Use this button to purchase pass. and then sign into future classes with the Hatha yoga button
Aerial Yoga Class at Yoga Moves Studio - $15
Proper attire required: full length or Capri yoga or workout pants, no zippers or velcro, fitted shirts with sleeves covering the underarms. No jewelry. classes must be purchased at time of booking. Ready to fly!!
Kids Yoga ZOOM - $10
Private Yoga at Studio - $60
Private Yoga at the Studio
Private Yoga and Private Aerial Available with Zoom - $60
A yoga class designed specially for you and your current condition, and a take home yoga practice. Price reflects session for one person, additional students $15 each.
Private Yoga/Private Aerial in Studio - $75
This price is good for 2 Students, add 10 per person up to 8 students. $75 is required to book and additional students will pay at the studio.
Online assessment for individual treatment plan. - $60
This Zoom time is for you if your looking for help with a particular problem or would like posture alignment/assessment.
Hi FI (Hi Frequency Living)FREE
We started this group last year as a way to develop a community of people who are interested in living life on a higher vibration of love and light. We share ways of tending to our gardens, growing veggies, eating higher vibration foods, how color music, meditation, thoughts kindness, all improve our lives, our families, our community and our planet. It's free..... Bring an open heart....


# 1 of 3 Massage Wellness Package (3 1 hour massages) - $180
The wellness package must be used in 3 months. It can be used not be shared it is designed to encourage you to develop healthy wellness habits.All 3 should be booked at time of purchase. Noting that the appointments can be rescheduled at your convenience up to 24 hours in advance with no charge. All 3 massages have to be used in 3 months from date of purchase. Thank you and I look forward to working with you. Denise
Bhakti Massage
Bhakti massage a relaxation and deep tissue massage all in one. The therapist works with the needs of the client and is guided by subtle energy to clear blockages of tension. Various techniques are used including myofascial release, cupping, deep tissue, reiki, percussion massage, thai, cranial sacral. With 20 years Massage experience, 35 years of alignment based yoga, and work as a rehab nurse Denise weaves all of her awareness of body mind and energy into one.
Thai Massage
Thai Massage laud ban has been around since the time of the Buddha. It is practiced in loose comfortable clothes on a Thai Mat on the floor.Please bring loose comfortable clothes to change into at the studio. Be prepared to relax deeply while being stretched, massaged and rocked. Eases tension fell refreshed and energized.


Karin Stephan - $50
With Karin's exquisite teaching compassion she will take us through a Iyengar yoga alignment class. All levels welcome. Bring a mat and whatever props you have.
Enrichment Workshop Self Care September - $25
September Self Care With Denise. This workshop will include creating a morning and evening ritual, self massage, food habits that hurt or nurture, balancing with color and aromatherapy and nature.
Enrichment Workshop Chakra Groove October - $25
Chakra Yoga Groove. Get your Chakra Yoga Groove on. We will work through the chakras with yoga asana, breath work, mudras, and dance. Be ready to let go and have fun.