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1833 Fillmore St, Suite 102
San Francisco, CA 94115

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Integrative Massage - 90 min - $130
Proficient in 16 different styles of massage and bodywork I will create a unique healing session for you that can address a wide variety of issues. Built on a foundation of both Eastern and Western healing techniques, a typical session will integrate anywhere from 6 to 9 or more styles into my unique approach. Whether you are looking for simple and straightforward relaxation, or more complex pain management, performance enhancement, or injury rehabilitation, I can help.
Integrative Massage - 110 min - $160
Energy Work - 90 min - $130
Combining various forms of energy work (Reiki, Acupressure, Intuitive Healing, Access Bars, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Healing, and Guided Visualization), this style of healing targets the body's subtle energy layers. Just as blood flows through your circulatory system, bringing nutrients to cells and removing harmful wastes, universal life force energy travels along the pathways of your energy systems. This life force energy not only nourishes and supports every cell of your body, it provides "nourishment" and support to you on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. Each of these aspects of your being are intimately connected to each other and a problem in one can have an affect on the others. When the flow of life force energy within your energy field is disrupted, blocked, or out of balance, the healthy functioning of this energy field is impaired. This impairment can then manifest as mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issues within your life.
Energy Work - 110 mins - $160
Energy Work & Integrative Massage Combo - 90 min - $130
This comprehensive healing approach combines massage techniques with intuition and energy work to help you release pain and old traumas from your body, as well as facilitating emotional release. Targeting the trio of mind, body, and spirit, this session is a great way to effectively address a wide variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, old injuries, chronic pain, migraines, PMS, hormonal imbalances, addiction, PTSD, and other deep emotional trauma.
Energy Work & Integrative Massage Combo - 110 mins - $160
Lymphatic Massage - 90 min - $130
Combining light pressure with gentle strokes that are both relaxing and nurturing, Lymphatic Massage helps enhance the activity of the immune system, reduces pain, and calms the nerves. This gentle technique stimulates movement of lymph fluid to assist the body in cleansing and detoxification and can be used to alleviate swelling and inflammation. It can also be beneficial for pre- and post-surgical tissue support, and to assist in cellulite reduction.
Lymphatic Massage - 110 mins - $160

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