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Covid 19 Infection Disinfection Control

Commercial Disinfectant infection Control - $249 (call for appointment)
This treatment is available for all commercial aspects inc daycare centres, bars, restaurants, gym, shops, office space and more, we have cost effective solutions for regular treatments in order to keep you, your staff and customers safe and help flatten the curve.. Please call 07 5630 2499 anytime to discuss your options and make your booking

We’ve invested in the latest cleaning technologies and paired the non-toxic disinfectant formula with award-winning high-pressure atomisers and spraying systems, which provides far superior surface coverage compared to traditional cleaning and decontamination methods, making it perfect for larger areas and hard to reach surfaces.

We’ll perform the decontamination quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. With 28 square metres of hard, non-porous surface covered per minute, we’re confident we provide one of the quickest and most effective disinfection services available in the entire Gold Coast area. This means we can cover more than 1,670 sqm per hour compared with 360 sqm using traditional trigger sprays.

Our electrostatic sprayer solution is highly portable, easy to handle and can be used by a single person, which is ideal under the current circumstances of a coronavirus pandemic, when social distancing is key to contain the disease.

We offer a complete package of decontamination and disinfection services, using solutions that effectively eliminate all pathological hazards:

Vehicle Disinfectant Infection Control - $99
This treatment will disinfect all parts of your vehicle using a disinfection fog machine placed inside your vehicle it will also disinfect all parts of your heating, fan and air conditioning system, the treatment takes 15 minutes and you are able to use your vehicle as soon as we have finished

Pest Treatments

Pest / Flea Prevention Treatment - $79
Basic Internal and external residual perimeter treatment of your property, great for 6 month top up of any of our more intricate treatments or as a protection with no current pest issues..
Ant Infestation Treatment - $169
This treatment focuses on ant issues with an alternative source for the ants to track back to the nests also includes a potent but safe external treatment for any external ant issues and a broad spectrum residual spray treatment, internal and external of your property providing protection against ants, spiders, cockroaches and silverfish.
These treatments are safe for both Children & Pets
Cockroach Treatment - $169
This treatment focusses on cockroaches in the way of gel and dusting of your wet areas, kitchen, bathroom & laundry theis is an alternative food source for the cockroaches to feed to one an other in the way of grooming aswell as a broad spectrum internal & external residual spray treatment of your property to protect against Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches & Silverfish with an inclusive growth regulator to prevent the life cycle of the process of the life cockroaches
All these treatments are safe for children and pets
Flea Infestation Treatment - $169
Internal & external residual treatment inc growth regulator to prevent the lifecycle of your flea issues, we recommend the use of comfortis oral tablets within 24hrs pre or prior to our treatment.
These treatments are safe for both Children & Pets
Rodent Treatment - $169
Our rodent treatment use a safe and effective baiting process to force these pests to leave your property, using bait stations and safe for children and pet bait, this process is simple, safe and extremely effective..
Spider Prevention and Treatment - $169
Intricate spray treatment, all outside your building upto and including the ground floor, all around the external of your window frames, underneath your eves, internal of garage space, postboxes etc.
Internal perimeter treatment
This treatment is broad spectrum and will also give protection against ants spiders, cockroaches & silverfish
All treatments are safe for Children & Pets
Silverfish Prevention and Treatment - $79
General Pest Infestation Treatment Ants,Spiders, Cockroaches & Silverfish - $199
This treatment is the most intricate, Ants, spiders, cockroaches & silverfish are protected against using a potent but safe residual treatment on the external part of your property, gel and dust of any internal issues.
Cockroaches mainly head towards your wet areas, Kitchen,Bathroom and Laundry, in the way of identifying these areas we apply an alternative food source to enable them to pass to one another in the way of grooming, this is very effective and will take control of the cockroach issues whilst providing protection from any further infestation, this is safe for both children and pets
Any internal ant issues will use a gel that they will see as food and track back to any infested areas
An internal residual treatment of the perimeter of every room
All these treatments are safe for Children & Pets

End of Lease Treatments

End of Lease Treatment - Internal - $69
End of lease flea treatment to meet RTA or Real Estate requirements should you have had a pet present at anytime during the lease, please check with your real estate if you require a pest treatment in addition to this and that an internal treatment only is sufficient
End of Lease Treatment - Internal & External - $79
End of lease flea treatment as required by RTA or your Real Estate for having a pet present at your property at any time during your lease..
Very rarely will you need a pest treatment in addition to this but please check with your agent prior to our arrival