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PHYSIOTHERAPY | Complimentary consultation

Telephone Consultation will be to assess whether you are eligible for a Skype or telephone appointment. Please book this appointment specifying your injury. NOTE: We will call you from a 'no caller ID' number at the time of the appointment.

Telephone and online Physiotherapy has been used for years to provide patients to be empowered and take ownership over their rehabilitation.

Due to COVID we are updating the way we treat patients and transferring our clinic system to carry out a seamless process for you for online physiotherapy and exercise prescription.

This treatment type will be offered long term, as we know how hard it can be to get in to see us for an appointment with a busy lifestyle and actually this form of physiotherapy has proven to be MORE effective at times because it empowers YOU to take OWNERSHIP over your health <3

These appointments are currently 30% off for the first month we are running them, so get booked in for your chance of a discount.

Please book a telephone consultation with Gemma, the Physio, to discuss your injury/pain/weakness/joint/posture issues (anything!) and ensure this appointment type will be suitable for you.

The online REHAB appointments will be available in early June, so chat with us before then so that we're ready to start your journey to becoming pain free!

Online REHAB what we can offer:
- injury education, recovery advise and reassurance
- Exercise, mobility and stretch prescription
- Lifestyle advise (around work, posture, activity, exercise, stress management, sleep)
- Exercise advise (HIIT, strength/weights, sports)
- Wellbeing advise
- Referrals and advise around medication, other therapies/health care professionals, phone apps.
Online REHAB (30% OFF) - £26.25 (call for appointment)
Please see Tele CONSULT above to book.
Email check in with Physiotherapist - £0
This is a reminder appointment for you to check in with your Physiotherapist about your exercise programme by email. This appointment will be set by your Physiotherapist after your online appointment.

The information we would like from you is:
1) pain severity out of 10 when its at it's worst?
2) Pain severity out of 10 when it's at it's best?
3) Any pain at night?
4) Has your symptoms improved, remained the same or worsened?
5) Have you been consistent with your exercises, if not why?
6) Any questions for us?