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Summer Special

Summer Complex Facial - Soothing facial - $85
As we spend our lazy summer days basking in the warm sun, UV rays go to work robbing our skin of much-needed moisture and prematurely aging our skin. Receive a hefty dose of Vitamin C found in the pineapple/lychee facial. The gentle facial is perfect for treating summer skin providing care for dehydration, reducing dark spots and reducing inflammation caused from over-exposure.

Skin Care

Customized Microcurrent Facial with Consultation - $95
An essential foundation for establishing your program begins with a thorough consultation utilizing our skin illumination technology. It reveals skin conditions not visible to the human eye. We establish your customized program to support the health of your skin. You receive a full microcurrent facial.
Customized Microcurrent Facial - $95
Customized session includes a thorough cleansing, enzyme, serum, microcurrent, masque to support relaxation and the health of the skin.
Oncology Service OR Pre/Post Surgical - $95
Health-challenged skin requires special care. Medications can interrupt the skin barrier function with signs of dry and/or peeling skin. Gentle treatment soothes and helps reduce irritation and inflammation. Post surgery (plastic reconstructive) helps to restore the skin including the appearance of scars.
Aged & Environmentally Challenged - $95
Skin aging occurs within many levels of the skin; the epidermis, the dermis including circulation and muscle tone.Goal: To address skin condition through a progressive program that preserves the integrity of the skin at all times.
Sensitive & Reactive - $95
Goal: Reduce inflammation and restore the skin barrier. A gentle approach that addresses the cause and potential correction.
Acne & Problem Skin - $95
Goal: Reduce inflammation, acne lesions, and restore the skin barrier. Customized to manage breakout and irritation. LED light therapy.


10 Sessions (Boot Camp) or package - $680
The ultimate in accumulative results for photo-aging or problematic skin this bootcamp is twice weekly (ideal). Only one package per client and it cannot be shared.
5 session package - $362
3 Sessions - $255
Return more regularly and save.

Hair Removal

Brow Contour - $15
Chin - $10
Lip - $10
Underarm - $25
Back - Full - $50
Back - partial - $35
Chest - $35
Bikini (Regular) - $45
Full Leg - $65

Brow & Lash Tinting

Lash Tinting - $15
Brow tinting - $20
Lash and Brow Tinting - $30

Education Events

August 5, 2019 9:30-4:30- Waxing Workshop for Licensed Estheticians - $35
Special waxing class for those who want to enhance their skills. We will begin with brow arching, facial waxing, underarm, arms, legs, and modified bikini waxing. Participants will learn how to increase their hands-on technique and understand how to use both soft and hard waxes. Class is limited to four people. Register by calling (864) 320-2231.