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Thank you for accepting my invitation to talk. As you may know, I have been problem solving with families and individuals for over 35 years. This opportunity is not a sales call. It is a casual chance for us to talk…for me to learn how to help you and what is most broken in our society today.

If you'll tell me your biggest challenge, then I'll give you my best insights and feedback on that topic. I am offering this time to meet with folks like you. I want to know who you are today, what your dreams and goals are, and what you think about your current level of happiness. I would like to hear about your biggest fears and frustrations in life. In this sharing, my hope is that our discussion will bring about new insights and management ideas to make your life more satisfying and successful. Once again, this is not a sales call.

All calls are confidential; your identity and concerns are private. Only the broad topic or category of your concerns will be noted by me as an informal survey of what hurts the most.

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