Amazing Face Skin Spa

Amazing Face Skin Spa

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I am in the Skin Care Business, I am the only Esthetician and Owner that does the facials, even though it has the name of a Spa. I do customized, individual treatments and facials for Woman and Men, on an individual basis.

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ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment - $140
comes with extractions-
Acne Therapy Facial - $150
This is to really help you with break outs.
Nirvana Facial (Plus)- - $150
Micro Needling - $140
$160 for face and neck.
Dermaplaning-Epiblade - $150
This procedure is to remove the Vellus hair from the epidermis. It also removes dead skin cells and helps improve collagen in the true skin known as the dermis. I
also do a mask and moisturizer with this treatment. Single treatment is offered for $75
Nirvana Plus Extravagant - $210
This Facial comes with everything from the Nirvana Plus Microdermabrasion and the complete treatment of the ECHO2 Oxygen Treatment,Peel and Modeling Mask.
Microdermabrasion Treatment - $140
Steaming and Extractions with moisturizer and Sun Block
Vi Peel - $200
This is a Professional Peel that is usually done in a doctors office for $350-$400.
Please check it out on Google
Add-on's-al la carte
Dermaplanning-$75, Microdermabrasion-$65, Blast of Oxygen,-$20, (vitamin C)
Desincrustation and Iontophoresis-$50-time varies with the procedure. Pineapple Enzyme Peel-$40-, Pumpkin-Yam Peel-$40, Artic Peel-$40( these are Eminence Skin Care Product Peels.
Descrustation/Intophoresis/Eyes - $100
This is a great treatment with any facial. Please refer to my website for information.
Single <Microdermabrasion - $65
Cleansing, Microdermbrasion, Moisterizer and Sunblock..No extractions!

SPECIAL: NIRVANA PLUS 10-1-18-10-31-18-$130

VI-Peel - $200
For Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines, Wrinkles
Directions 1107 Van Buren Street, Houston, TX, USA