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60 Minute Medical Massage - $110
Service can provide “full body” treatment; NKT work to find central problem, joint stretching, Deep or soft tissue work, cranial/sacral work, cupping, taping, nerve and muscle releases. Medical approach given to client by using NKT testing and treatment protocols following a set of manual techniques to help achieve the patients goal.
90 minute session - $145
FIRST SESSION: Please see for ALL intake forms. Home page, bottom LEFT. Session includes reviewing intake forms. Session provides per client or therapist request: NKT, Joint alignment assessment > corrections, gait and standing posture assessment, balance and shoe assessment. Soft Tissue, deep tissue work, cranial/sacral, joint stretching, cupping, taping. Cupping often recommended for 90 minute massage however can be performed during other sessions. No extra charge.
Therapeutic Session (45 Minutes) - $115
This service is used specifically to treat one or more body parts only. It does not involve “full body” work/massage as do the 60 or 90 minute sessions do. FSA/HSA cc’s are applicable to use for any session, however this therapeutic sessions can be filed through insurance when clients as the therapist for an “invoice.” Units per time are used rather than billed for service during this session. It includes 30 minutes table time and 15 minutes floor time for stretching/stabilization exercises.
NKT, Joint alignment, postural, gait corrections are performed during this session. Client may bring in x-rays, MRI’s for therapist to seek results and discuss with client what their goals are along with expectations. Joint stretching, massage, MET corrections, nerve and muscle release are used to treat cases such as Frozen shoulder, hip bursitis, Achilles tendinitis, TMJ disorders, headaches and more.
ROCK Tape session - $25
ROCK tape to body parts only; $20-25
SI joint assessment or Cervical correction.
Televisit - $40
Televisit for people who are on travel or are ill: business/vacation and needs attention for proper sleeping positions, lifting, pushing, exercising to eliminate further pain during travel when your not able to come in for hands on services. Cost is discussed during visit pending the need.
NKT and ROCK Tape session - $65
Applying NKT testing to locate central problem creating area of pain, tightness, inflammation. Cupping/Rock tape, theragun, manuals, MET used to help correct area of problem; area of antagonist or synergist muscle.
1 hour and 45 minute medical/neuromuscular extended service - $170 (call for appointment)
Extended time for particular patients upon request/communicated with therapist