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FREE Discovery Call
We're playfully committed to helping parents and professionals like you discover the power of play, and supporting you as you create the life you never imagined. We will help you determine how to take your next balanced step toward change!
Free Phone Call: Other/Personal
Personal, business related, or miscellaneous calls.
We like to keep track of how many free calls and services are booked in each category so this was created for calls that don't fit in our specified services.

1:1 Services

60 Minute Consultation - $100
Open Q&A to gain clarity and direction.
60 Minute Video Check In - $150
Submit video footage for a customized NPT Check In.
120 Minute Consultation - $200
Team meetings, in-depth program planning, individualized action plans, etc.
Package of 8 1:1 Check-Ins - $720
What a deal! Save money and commit to depth!

Partnership Packages

Co-Creator Coaching With Julie & Leia - $160
For new clients only: Join Leia Vitale & Julie Sando as they pool their co-creative gifts collectively to help you and your child mirror in your healing together!