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Naturopath - First Appointment (includes 20min Follow-up consultation 2-weeks after first appointment) In clinic & Zoom options - $150
Available 6 days per week including after hours appointments via Zoom or in person for locals
Naturopath - Follow up for existing clients 45min *in clinic, telephone or Zoom options - $50
Online Zoom consult - First Appointment (includes 20min Follow-up consultation 2-weeks after first appointment) In clinic & Zoom options - $75
Special Covid rate: Available 6 days per week after hours from 6pm AEST

Shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing Session (avail 7 days/week) - $250
Laurel and Andy come together with >30yrs of experience, creating a safely held space for you to dive deeply into your inner world as they support you to catalyse personal healing and transformation. With these 2+ hour sessions you will be taken on a deep dive inward in along the sound of the drum, and guided in a body-based psychotherapy session. These sessions are totally individualised for your own needs and the session is planned with you based on discussions from the initial private consultation. Some of the modalities included in each session along with the body-based psychotherapy are sound and energy healing, drum journeying, breathwork and much more ...

Sound & Energy Healing

Reiki / Energy Healing - $80
Sound Healing - $80
Sound Healing for Two (Couples/friends) - $150
Experience the awesome healing of sounds with this special treatment! Both Andy & Laurel will guide a Sound Healing Journey for two in the private rainforest Temple at Awakening Centre. For more information & bookings please call 5494-2101

Live-in Health Retreat

Ultimate 7-day Detox Retreat Private 1:1 (call for appointment)
Ultimate 7-day Detox Retreat for couples (call for appointment)

Ka Huna Massage

KaHuna Massage 60mins - $65
KaHuna Massage (plus Hot Stones) 75mins - $80 (call for appointment)
Available Thursdays and Fridays
Ka Huna Massage 90mins with Sauna 30mins - $120 (call for appointment)
2.5hrs of self-care: take time out for yourself with this treatment. The cottage at Awakening Centre is your own private sanctuary for 2hrs which includes relaxing in the far-infared sauna for 30-mins followed by 75mins of deeply nurturing Ka Huna Temple Style massage (hot stones added in for those who choose). You'll be nurtured in your own private space access to private shower/bathroom before and after your treatment.
Call for an appointment

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy - $110
A safe, gentle and effective method of cleansing the body of accumulated wastes and toxic material and is an important adjunct to any detoxification or weight loss program.
Colonic treatments also include valuable dietary/nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations.

3 Colonic Special - $270 (call for appointment)
Series of 3 Treatment Special $270 (saving $60).
Colonic treatments received in a Series provokes a deeper cleanse overall. Colonics with Laurel (naturopath & founder of Awakening centre Natural Health Clinic) gives you added value as she uses the time to discuss any dietary or digestive issues you may have, or in guiding you on one of her detox regimens.