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Dr. Travis

New Patient Exam - $125
Adjustment Dr. Travis Tourjee


Massage 1 hour - $63
This is only covered by BCBS Messa or State of Michigan Employees
Massage 90 minutes - $94.50
Massage 75 Min - $78.75
As of July 1st, BCBS MESSA only covers 1 hour massage! We will still bill for 1 hour, but you will be responsible for the 15 extra minutes.
Massage Half Hour - $31.50

Class IV Laser Therapy

Laser Appointment 1-2 areas - $30
Laser may be performed by any practitioner. If you need a female please specify in note.
Laser Extended (multiple areas) - $50
Laser therapy for more than 1 area. Laser may be performed by any practitioner. If you need a female please specify in note.

Dr. Rachel

Chiropractic Treatment - $65
Chiropractic appointments may include some supplement evaluation and light diet/lifestyle modification suggestions. However, more in depth questions about blood work, weight loss, managing hormones, digestive balance, dietary guidance etc will require the longer Nutrition Follow Up appointment type.

Note: ONLY adjustments are subject to insurance so the additional treatments Dr. Rachel offers will result in additional charges. Most insurance will cover $30-$50 of the $65 not the entire charge.
Prospective New Patient Phone Call - $0
This is to answer questions about care at Brookside Nutrition and make sure we are the right fit for your care
Funtional Medicine or Gut Restoration Program Follow Up Appointment - $85
This is appropriate for bloodwork evaluation, supplement protocol re-evaluation, gut restoration program visits, or routine holistic health patient follow ups
New Patient w/ Dr. Rachel for Holistic Healthcare - $200
For Nutrition/Functional Medicine ONLY

see for details
Supplement Consult/ Muscle Testing For Nutrients - $50
This is for patients referred for supplement eval from other chiropractors or Dr. Travis. 1st time evaluation is $85 followed by $50 follow ups
Genetics Testing - $300
Test involves cheek swab which takes about 5 min to complete. Then the test will be out to the lab for about 5 weeks. Dr. Rachel will call you when results are in to discuss findings. Report of finding appointment included in cost.
Genetics Report Of Findings

Virtual Clients

Prospective Patient Interview Zoom - $0
Only pre-interviewed candidates may be eligible to start care with Dr. Rachel. THIS IS A PHONE CALL OR ZOOM MEETING INTERVIEW! Dr. Travis accepts traditional chiropractic new patients.
Zoom New Patient Holistic Health - $150
We would rather evaluate you in person but we understand that scheduling and travel can be tricky so we created on online option for you!

Zoom Follow Up - $85

Group Exercise

Tuesday Night Cardio Club 5:30
Run 3 miles or walk 2 miles from Brookside parking lot
Directions 2856 Krafft Road