Brookside Chiropractic

Brookside Chiropractic

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Dr. Travis

New Patient Exam - $125
Adjustment Dr. Travis Tourjee


Massage 1 hour - $63
This is only covered by BCBS Messa or State of Michigan Employees
Massage 90 minutes - $94.50
Massage 75 Min - $78.75
As of July 1st, BCBS MESSA only covers 1 hour massage! We will still bill for 1 hour, but you will be responsible for the 15 extra minutes.
Massage Half Hour - $31.50

Class IV Laser Therapy

Laser Appointment 1-2 areas - $30
Laser may be performed by any practitioner. If you need a female please specify in note.

Dr. Rachel- PLEASE call Office for Appointment

Prospective New Patient Phone Call - $0
This is to answer questions about care at Brookside Nutrition and make sure we are the right fit for your care

Virtual Clients

Zoom Follow Up - $85

Group Exercise

Tuesday Night Cardio Club 5:30
Run 3 miles or walk 2 miles from Brookside parking lot
Weekly Weigh In’s
Tuesday Nights Nutrition Clients may drop in to get their weekly weigh ins or measurements before or after Cardio Club. Cardio club is approximately 5:30-6:15 so weight in starts at 5 and ends at 6:45
Directions 2856 Krafft Road