Choose a service to schedule


New Patient Appointment with Dr. Travis - $100
New Patient Appointment Dr. Rachel - $100
Adjustment with Dr. Travis - $50
Adjustment with Dr. Rachel - $50
Laser New Patient with Dr. Travis - $40
Laser New Patient with Dr. Rachel - $40
Laser Appointment with Dr. Travis
Laser Appointment with Dr. Rachel
Adjustment plus consultation with Dr. Rachel (30min) - $80
this would be to go over nutrition, supplements, functional medicine, etc.
Adjustment plus consultation with Dr. Travis (30 min) - $80
Functional/Alternative Medicine with Dr. Rachel - $125
New Patient that wants extra attention to lifestyle changes based on their condition
Massage 1 hour - $60
Massage Half Hour - $30
Massage 1 hour plus Hot Stone or Bamboo - $70
Bloodwork Evaluation - $20
Bloodwork must be dropped off prior to visit to allow ample time for evaluation
Half Hour Hot Stone - $40


Wellness Orientation class - $0
Paleo Lifestyle - $10
Come learn how to balance energy, reduce body fat, improve sleep and much more!
Nutrition for Pain Condition - $10
HomeFit Intro/check in - $0
If you are new to Homefit we will breakdown the nutrition and workout plans for you and help you navigate the Homefit page. If you are an existing member you can use this time for weight in, measurements, or a Q and A hour.