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Gallery Visit
Evening Mass: Performance by Kristin Brandt
Join us for a special performance by exhibiting artist Kristin Brandt on May 21st at 10:00 P.M.
Storytime at BAM!
Art is for all ages and we are excited to partner with Barb’s Book Buddies to bring you Storytime at BAM!. Join us with your little art lovers on June 5 for art-themed book readings and kid-friendly gallery tours.

Storytime at BAM! is recommended for kids ages 4 - 8, but all are welcome. In order to ensure health, safety and optimal fun for our young guests, spaces are limited.

Are you a Book Buddy?
Barb’s Book Buddies is an interactive online video series that introduces children to the joys of literature and reading. To engage young audiences and make each book come to life, Barb creates teachable moments through hands-on activities and charming backdrops. Additionally, Barb advocates for self-published authors and makes it possible for young readers to be introduced to new titles.

Who is Barb?
Barb aka Barbara Sanchez is a mother, educator and overall literature enthusiast.
As an educator of over thirty years and counting, Barbara began to notice how technology became more common in children’s hands, rather than books. Knowing that she could not win the fight against technology, she decided to embrace it as an opportunity to connect new books and authors to children through her book reading series, Barb’s Book Buddies.