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Safe Powerboat Handling - $500
Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 5pm
This 14-hour hands-on, on-the-water course is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a powerboat and improve their boat handling skills on actual boats. The US Coast Guard has approved this course and recognizes it as a standard in boat handling. Classroom sessions and on-the-water sessions totaling six to eight hours each, covering required education topics in which students learn:

On-the-Water Sessions

Starting procedures
Leaving & returning to a slip
Close-quarters maneuvers
Steering a range
Proceeding to a destination
Person in Water rescue
Engine & electrical systems

Classroom Sessions

Safety, prep & weather
Maneuvering concepts
Registration & capacities
Equipment requirements
Prep & fueling procedures
Navigation and rules of the road
Aids to navigation
Environmental regulations

Prerequisites: none
Ages 12-Adult
Certification(s) Earned: US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling certificate
Cost: $500 which includes all books and materials needed
Basic Powerboat Cruising - $750
Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 5pm
This 14-hour hands-on, on-the-water course is designed for mariners who want to learn how to safely operate a powerboat larger than 30 feet and improve their boat handling skills. This course focuses on how to responsibly operate a twin screw powered cruising vessel during daylight hours within sight of land in light to moderate wind and sea conditions.

On-the-Water Sessions
Advanced Docking
Team coordinated leaving & returning to a slip
Dense harbor maneuvers
Open water boat control
Visual piloting
Intermediate anchoring
Securing a large vessel

Classroom Sessions

Liveaboard marine systems
Inboard engine checks
Twin screw maneuvering concepts
Emergency procedures
Deck Safety

Ages 16-Adult
Certification(s) Earned: US Powerboating Basic Cruising certificate
Cost: $750 which includes all books and materials needed
Coastal Cruising & Night Navigation - $850
Saturday 9am to 5pm & Sunday 9am to 9pm
With so many great cruising locations on the Great Lakes, and beyond this Coastal Cruising course teaches how to safely venture beyond Illinois waters. The class focuses on the technical and risk management skills necessary to explore unfamiliar waters. You'll learn how to plan, prepare, and execute a multi-day cruising expedition. This 20 hour course takes place on our CYA cruising yacht.

Day one:
Planning the trip
Vessel inspection Fueling procedures
Safety check lists Passage planning
Basic chart plotting
Marine forecast interpretation

Day two:
Execute trip plan Cruising to Racine WI, or New Buffalo MI (students choice,)
Open water driving
Coastal piloting
Chart plotting
Dead reckoning
Storm strategies
Crew overboard recovery
Once at the determined destination, students will practice anchoring and docking along with the protocol necessary to stay overnight at an unfamiliar marina. The class will then cruise back to Chicago with the ability to practice night navigation, electronics, and docking.

Prerequisites: Basic Powerboat Cruising
Ages 16-Adult
Certification(s) Earned: US Powerboating Inshore Powerboat Cruising certificate and US Powerboating Night Operations certificate
Cost: $850 which includes all books and materials needed
Marine Radio Operation - $75
A VHF radio is your best tool in an emergency situation. Learn what takes to sound like a pro on the radio and effectively communicate with Coast Guard, Marine Police, bridges, locks, and other boats. This two hour hands on class teaches all the functions found on a standard marine radio and the vocabulary need to confidently operate it.
Locks & River Passage Making - $250
Saturday, 1 to 5pm
Cruising the Chicago River is one the best ways to see the city’s skyline. This four hour on-the-water puts students at the helm teaching them first hand how to safely pass through the Chicago locks and navigate the Chicago River amongst commercial traffic, bridge operations, and other recreational boats.
Play Pen Anchoring - $250
Saturday, 9 to 1pm
The "Play Pen" anchorage near Chicago's Oak Street beach is one the hottest summer destinations. This four hour on-the-water class teaches the skills needed to confidently navigate and anchor in a heavy populated moorage. Students will get the opportunity to take the helm of a CYA yacht, learning first hand how to anchor a boat with extreme precision.
Intro Gas Engine Maintenance - $250
This hands-on seminar taught by a Certified Master Marine Technician, will teach you the in’s and out’s of the regular maintenance needed to keep your boat in tiptop performance. Learn first hand how to change your engine and generator oil, filters (oil, fuel, and water separator) and impellers, while exploring the interworking of what makes your motor tick. This invaluable learning experience will transform your understanding of your equipment and how to care for it. Whether you are a do it yourself’er or just want to know how your boat works, sign up soon, before it sells out!
Marine Weather - $250
Saturday, 9 to 1pm
This seminar helps mariners learn the basics of reading online doppler radar, isobars, and fronts. Students learn how to translate the forecast into real world expectation, adding higher quality passage planning.
Private Lessons - $150 (call for appointment)
Chicago Yacht Academy is happy to offer private lessons for individuals and groups of individuals. Whether you'd like private education for one of our classes from the course catalog or private coaching aboard your own vessel, CYA would be happy to accommodate you. Popular requests include are not limited to:

System operations
Vessel checks
Docking (Stern to, bow in, along side)
Close quarters maneuvering
Joystick piloting (Axius and IPS)
Boat safety and document consultation
Passage planning
And much more. Let us know what you want learn

Cost: $150 per hour (+Gas if using CYA vessel)
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(Cell) 630.853.2774
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