Hello My name is Lisa Lark. I’m employed at Chopshop Physiques in Spruce Grove and also offer personal training. I’m also a regulated pharmacy technician employed at Safeway Pharmacy in Stony Plain. I’ve always had a interest in health specifically mind, body and soul. One question I’ve always had was, “Why it’s natural and easy for some and not so for others”? In pharmacy I do yearly continuing education of which I always do something on human behaviour, mental health, and common disease states such as blood pressure and diabetes. I’ve been physically active since my teens. In my teens I ran stairs, did over 100 sit-ups daily, ran, and pushups. I was obsessed with it because I thought I was over weight and a severe bing eater. I spent most of my adult life searching for what was going to work for me. I instructed classes, step aerobic and strength in my early twenties. It was more of a hobby for me and a way to workout with others and be part of a fitness community. From my mid 20’s through to my 50’s I participated mostly in running. I was passionate about running especially for the mental health benefits. When Chopshop opened in Stony Plain I started going back to the gym. I’ve had shoulder, neck and back injuries to work through and continue to work with. What has inspired me to be a personal trainer was working with people who struggle to start or over come their fears about fitness. My goal is to help others with there mindset and relationship with food and physical fitness. Currently I continue to educate myself in fitness and nutrition and life coaching. I’ve learned through my life that mindset and how we perceive ourselves and the world around us will either lead to greatness or cripple us with fear. I choose greatness! I’ve shared a lot here for a reason. There’s always a way to over come the obstacle or work with the obstacle. If you are considering in discovering what your capable of I’d love to meet with you. Book a free consultation today with me at Chopshop Physiques.
Christina is the owner of LIFStyle Fitness and a CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer including Active Aging.