Choose a service to schedule

Chiropractic, follow up visit - $60
gentle chiropractic adjustment including short massage and application of essential oils to your spine.
New Patient Chiropractic - $95
includes a history, consultation, exam and your first gentle adjustment. If X-rays are necessary, future X-Ray review is included in this package. A nutritional scan is included in the new patient visit and will be done on a following visit.
Massage 30 min and Chiropractic Adjustment - $105
30 minute massage followed by a gentle chiropractic adjustment
Report of Findings 2nd visit for New Patients - $0
2nd visit for New Patient after their first adjustment, report of findings from the Dr. and when recommendations for care are made.
Zoom private conference call - $25
Dr. Reed and you will join on a Zoom teleconference for 20 minute session
Re-Exam - $35
Periodic re-exam for current patients
Free Consultation with Dr. Reed - $0
Sit with Dr. Reed and discuss your needs, concerns and have your questions answered.
X Ray review - $40
review of x-rays for patient
Nutritional Or Hormone Report of Findings
2nd visit of Nutritional or Hormonal consultation results shared and recommendations given to the patient.
Energy healing and reflexology - $125
We will be balancing the chakras with first a smudging (clearing of your body with sage and palo santo bark), application of essential oils, precious gemstones, acupressure, cupping, singing, chanting, prayer, and love. The last 10 minutes of your session you will have your feet given reflexology treatment. Fully clothed or not- your choice. Massage table has heated pad to keep you toasty and comfortable. Please limit your use of caffeine or stimulants 3 hours prior to your session.