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FREE Distance Reiki Healing - $0
One free session per person, donations accepted.
Duration: 15-30 minutes

Those who qualify:
Individuals who have been quarantined, received a mandatory stay at home order and/or people directly involved in recovery efforts I.E. doctors, nurses, police, grocery workers etc.

This option is only available to those affected by COVID-19 please be aware that if you choose to disregard aforementioned stipulation and have NOT been affected by COVID-19 you will be taking the opportunity away from those who can benefit from this healing modality.

Distance by phone or webcam
Distance Reiki Healing - $65
Reiki Basic session + Immune System Defense
Duration: 30 minutes

* A gentle flow of loving, healing energy and balance chakras.

* Reducing stress with a sense of well being.

Distance by phone or webcam
QHHT®: Book and Pay In-Full - $257
*In-Person Sessions held at Sage Center
10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Bldg 3, Suite # 560, Beaverton, OR 97005
~ Payment Plan Available ~ Inquire Now!
Duration: 2 hours

*Our practitioners have committed a great deal of effort to achieve a QHHT® certification from an accredited educational institution. With many hours donated to the community, Cosmocraft endeavors to provide qualified practitioners that are dedicated to the restoration of emotional & spiritual wellness on an individual basis and as a collective whole for the spiritually conscious. Our practitioners are experienced. Prior to on-boarding, each practitioner must submit over 25 donated sessions, lasting on an average of 5 hours as an intern for training purposes. Our practitioners are equipped to handle any of your spiritual needs. We LOVE to hear from you! Even after your session! Yep, they are your friend, your coach AND your inspiration! Reach out to us at anytime afterwards because.. we care!