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Crabbe-ology Hitting Facilitation ( 1 Hour ) - $90
Includes video analysis and rapsodo data collection. *If weather affects the session rapsodo will not be used!!!
Crabbe-ology K-Vest 3D motion capture hitting session - $150
1 hour usage of K-Vest 3D motion capture session. Can match feels with reality and make immediate changes!
Crabbe-ology Fielding Facilitation (1 Hour) - $90
Crabbe-ology Hitting Facilitation ( 30 min ) - $55
Rapsodo data collection will be used. *If weather affects our session it will not be used.
Crabbe-ology Fielding Facilitation ( 30 min ) - $55
Crabbe-ology Hitting Assessment ( 30 min ) - $100
Video analysis and Rapsodo hitting data collection
Crabbe-ology Fielding Assessment ( 30 min ) - $100
Will assess your footwork, glove work and throwing mechanics.
Crabbeology K Vest Hitting Assessment - $200
3D Motion capture player assessment. We provide detailed biochemical evidence of a player's kinematic sequences, peak rotational speeds, stretch/separation cycle (X- Factor) and pinpoint where a player can make there greatest gains.
Crabbe-ology Bat Fitting - $150
Coming soon! Not available yet but in the near future!