Choose a service to schedule

30 minute appointment - $50
45 minute appointment - $65
60 minute appointment - $75
90 minute appointment - $100
Prenatal Massage - $75
For aches and pain associated with pregnancy, this is wonderful! You must be past 18 weeks, and sign a statement that you do not have complications relating to your pregnancy. This treatment is fully side lying.
One Hour Hot Rocks - $100
The heat from the river stones penetrate deep into your muscles, providing a soothing experience.
Reflexology - $50
Reflexology is a foot massage to help the whole body. This therapy has been used to help other areas of the body by specific pressure to reflexes on the feet.
Chair Massage - $80 (call for appointment)
Massage on location is beneficial in many ways! A great gift/reward to all your employees. Two hour minimum for out of town appointments.