Mehdi has always has had a passion for fitness. Over the past several years he has acquired the knowledge and experience in helping people of all ages achieve healthier lifestyles, weight loss, and muscle development. He has a thorough understanding in particular ailments such as arthritis, Diabetes, injuries, physical limitations, rehabilitation, and have specialized in sport specific training. He is always expanding his knowledge in the newest sciences in exercise, health, and diet. He is truly passionate about what he does, and helping others achieve their goals in a safe and effective manner. Mehdi is NSCA certified.
Marilyn McKenna is a published author of Eat Like It Matters: How I Lost 120 Pounds and Found My Inner Badass (And How You Can Too!) (2015), a mother of four and a personal trainer enjoys competitive bodybuilding, marathon running, and the occasional hot yoga sweat session. She is a passionate advocate for wellness, committed to helping others who want to transform their lives and the lives of their families through healthy eating and physical activity. As one of her personal training clients you will appreciate the passion she brings to helping you achieve both short-term and lifelong fitness goals. As someone who has lost 100+ lbs. and kept it off for a decade, Marilyn can help you in behavior change and lifestyle coaching.