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Brand Demos & Education

Brand Education Day
To educate both customers and our staff on your brand and products, we dedicate a full day to promoting your brand. Please specify the hours you'll have a brand rep at the store (we recommend ~3 hour duration but you can come any time while we're open 10-8), and you'll be able to train our staff one or two at a time throughout the day. Please book one demo day per month max, and try to alternate between early and late in the week to train our entire staff on your products. We'll run a discount, BOGO deal or promotion all day so please ensure all promo products arrive at least 3 days before the demo, and specify the deal you'd like to run that day when booking. For "ghost" demos where you don't send a rep, please send us training documents and videos for our brand training archives. Please send any media assets we can use to promote your brand and demos to and let us know what you had in mind so we can make sure your Brand Education Day is a success!

Doobie Nights Live Potcast

For brands we already carry who we have planned podcast interviews with, you can use this link to schedule an interview with Donald ( for our podcast, Doobie Nights Live. Currently booking interviews on Wednesdays in the studio at Doobie Nights, but contact Donald for other available times or if you'd like us to come to you. Please don't book an interview without prior communication. Thank you!

Friday 4:20 Happy Hours

DJ Signup
Want to play music during our Friday 4:20 Happy Hours? Can you keep it at a low enough volume for our customers to be able to easily hear budtenders while still having fun and setting the vibe?

We are currently booking music every other Friday 4:20-7pm. You can connect your mixer directly to our in-house sound with our 1/8" headphone cable or the RCA adapter, OR you are welcome to bring your own sound - doesn't need to be too big to fill the space. Feel free to bring stickers & promo materials.

After booking your preferred time, please send and email to: & letting us know when you'll be playing and how we can best promote you on our channels. Thanks!

Cannabis Tour

Cannabis Tour
Take a guided tour through Doobie Nights, learn about cannabis and product categories, and step thru the Portal of Wonder into another universe. Please let us know your group size in the notes when booking.
Directions 3011 Santa Rosa Ave Suite A