New Business Hours:

New Business Hours:

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: Appointments ONLY

We will be OPEN on Thanksgiving for those who need us.
8am-12pm. There will be a $10 Surcharge on top of ANY service.
Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Choose a service to schedule

The Executive (Best Value) - $60
(Full Service) Haircut + Beard w/ Hot Towel Shave + Facial. Savings of 25%.
Haircut + Hot Towel Shave (Most Popular) - $40
Any standard haircut + a Hot Towel Shave service.
Haircuts - $25
Any Standard Haircut, comes with a classic back of the neck shave if necessary.
Kids Haircuts - $20
For Kids 10 & under
Haircut + Beard - $30
Any Standard haircut with a standard Beard Shape-up/Trim.
Haircut & Facial - $45
Standard Haircut + Our signature Facial... This option is perfect before a night out on the town, Not only will you look good, but also feel good..
Edge-up - $12
Clean up around the ears, neck, line-up, etc. NOT a haircut.
Beard Trim - $10
Beards start at $8-$12; Goatee, Chin Strap, etc.
If neck area is shaved, a hot towel shave is needed. ($15)
Edge-up +Beard - $15
Edge-up + Beard Edge-up included.
Hot Towel Shave - $20
Traditional straight razor shave. Under the neck area included.
Facial - $25
Cleansing facial and or a Black Mask used to clean off excess dirt/oil to remove unwanted blackheads. You'll love the refreshing feeling of the facial.
Beard + Semi-Permanent Color Enhancement - $20
Good for Weddings, Parties, Corporate/Red carpet events. Have your beard
looking extra clean. Dye lasts approximately 3 days.
Haircut + Design - $30
Price depends on complexity of both the haircut and the design.
E.g.: Undercut w/ Lotus flower - $15 - $25
Fade w/ Design on both sides - $45
Average design and cut: $30
Private Event - $150 (call for appointment)
We will travel to your Wedding/Coorporate Event/Private Party
OR Host it at our barbershop.

Barber(s) at your service for as long as needed..
Price depends on guests and duration of event.
Every Event is fully customizable. (e.g: 1 Barber 2hrs, 3 Barbers 6hrs, etc.)
(Minimimum $150+)

Great for:
Bachelor Parties, Coorporate Events..
Directions 4112 N Viking way
562 452 7171