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Elite Hitting: UCI

Ages 8u - 14u hit at 530pm or 6pm
Ages 15u -18u hit at 6pm 6:30pm 7pm or 730pm (High school only)
MVP, Mickey Mantle & Hank Aaron clients by appointment for 2:1 sessions.

Location: UCI Baseball Batting Facility is at Anteater Ballpark located on the corner of University & Mesa in Irvine.
Elite Hitting: Santa Ana

Ages 8u - 14u hit at 5pm 5:15pm 6:00pm 6:15pm
Ages 15u - 18u hit at 6:30pm or 7pm

MVP & Mickey Mantle high school age clients by appointment with Joe DeMarco

Address: 1610 East McFadden Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705
All-In 15u-18u
All-In 15u - College
All-In 8u-14u
All-In 8u-14u
Pitch Design Lab / Bullpen session 1:1
Pitch Design Labs are by appointment only. Pitchers must arrive early for warmup and are welcome to use our equipment.
New Player Assessment
Our New Player Assessment sessions are mandatory for all new clients before they start training with Elite. We take players through a multi-stage physical assessment to determine general fitness level, as well as a baseball/position specific routine to make sure players are in a healthy range to train. We use the data we find to then individualize player programming for throwing, strength, mobility, nutrition, and sleep.
Elite Catching 15-18u
All classes are at our Santa Ana & UCI

Elite Catching is our newest program with the main goal being to provide the ability to understand the game mentally and physically to develop into a leader behind the plate. Each athlete will obtain the necessary fundamentals and techniques in order to be successful. Elite Catching will run through high intensity drills with an emphasis on slowing the game down and controlling every situation. We will begin with proper stretching techniques designed to help with hip mobility to keep these athletes healthy and injury free throughout the season to perform at the highest of their abilities. These stretches and movements are designed to achieve max flexibility and strength through range of motion. I will provide proper footwork drills to reduce pop time which is essential in climbing the ladder to the next level. Sequential timing allows the body to work with arm motion to help with maximum strength throwing to all bases. Catching requires a different skill set, and can help athletes develop the crucial skills needed for game-time success.

Catcher specific training includes:

- Framing drills to strengthen athletes “stick” in order to catch at the higher levels.

- Footwork techniques in order to properly throw to each base firmly without hesitation

- Blocking drills/pop fly awareness behind the plate

- Mental stability in order to control all aspects of the game from pitch calling/pitcher confidence/leadership

- Stamina specific drills to strengthen core and lower body to navigate through lengthy seasons to keep these athletes healthy and strong to compete at the next level

- Motus and Rapsodo data as needed to check arm stress and spin axis when working on throws