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Precision Haircut - $35
We apply human anatomy and geometry to every haircut which makes it unique to the individual. Our haircuts are handcrafted and tailored to bring out your natural assets. Straight razor finish.
Beard Sculpting - $30
With beards it’s necessary to understand human anatomy and bone structure. We utilize unique bearding concepts that bring out your natural masculinity. Nobody leaves with a skinny beard, rather you’ll leave with stronger jaw and a beard cut to fit your unique face. Straight razor finish.
Goatee/Mustache - $35
If your growing out handlebars, imperial mustache, or a Van Dyke this is the service for you. We will shape your mustache/goatee in a natural way to bring out the look you desire. Keep in mind that we can only do what the hair does naturally. Going against natural growth patterns isn’t ideal with this area or any area for that matter. Ends with a quick shave for detail.
Classic Shave or Head Shave - $40
This is a timeless Barbershop shave. We apply hot towels and essential oils to loosen up the face or scalp enough to shave. This is a no frills service and intended for the man who needs a quick shave.
Precision Haircut & Beard Sculpting - $60
This is the optimum service for the man with lots of hair that needs fine tuned. Hair on the scalp and face go together. They should be done at the same time. That way each area of the head, jaw and chin align perfectly. This enables the barber’s to put a exclamation point on their work and equips the modern man with a handcrafted, scientific, precision look from the neck up. This service is about detail and we leave no hair unkept
Precision Haircut & Classic Shave - $70
In this service we apply all our Hair Design techniques and finish it off with Classic Shave. This is the service your Grandfather received when he came back from overseas.
Premier Shave - $80
This shave is for the man who wants to be treated like royalty. It’s half shave, half facial. The barber utilizes essential oils and steam towels to not only shave your face but also massage and exfoliate it. This shave is for the man who can handle a close shave, steam towels, exfoliation and aftershave.
Mixture of Services - $70
Select this service if you need more then a Hair Design but not exactly sure what needs done. The barbers will consult with you and charge you accordingly.