Ashley manages the artists and makes sure they're in line and that the shop is clean and organized. She is known for being the most organized person in the shop and for her hard work and dedication. Alongside Crystal, Ashley is our lead piercer and is amazing at making clients feel comfortable when they're nervous, she is known for being quick and as painless as possible when piercing and for being the most thorough with aftercare and helping clients understand how to look after their piercings.  When Ash isn't at the shop she can be found with her boyfriend, Sheldon and their three cats. She spends a lot of her free time with her two younger sisters and the rest of her family. 
Crystal is the best shop manager in the history of tattoo shops, she will probably go down in history for her contribution to the tattoo industry and for setting the bar so impossibly high for anyone else to follow. She has also been piercing professionally since 2017  ​Crystal is quick witted and has a great sense of humour, she is amazing with nervous clients and is known for her customer service and attention to detail. When she isn't working she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids and getting tattooed.