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Hair Addicts

Hair Addicts

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"We're addicted to style"

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Men's Haircut - $25
Haircuts DO include a free shampoo if needed,and style also is include ,appointments are only for 30 minutes ,clients can not be more than 15 minutes late ,or they forfeit they're appt,
Facial grooming - $10
Women's Haircut - $30
Haircut only!! does include a free shampoo but does not include style or blow dry,or flat iron , 25$ more if you want more go to add on,s for more time alotted
Children's hair cut - $20
This service price is for children up to the age of 12 years old ,does not include style or blow dry, 13 years and older is a adults price of $20.00
Mini facial - $20
This service is usually a add on ,it includes cleansing,Microdermabrasion scrub,and a relaxing moisturizer massage ,black mask is the 20$ facial
Full hair color , one color only - $60
This service is for depositing one solid color to all hair and does not include blow dry or style or HAIRCUT
Highlights and or low lights with base - $90
Full color ,with highlights using foils,and or depositing a darker color as well ( low lights) this service includes a base color ,but price does not include blow dry or style or HAIRCUT is extra. For an extra color add $20
Corrective color - $160
This is to correct a color that has left an unwanted look. $40 an hour
Shampoo/blowdry/ curl - $60
This service could also be a shampoo ,Blow dry and flatiron
Root touch up color - $40
Specialty color - $120
Not your basic color. Dark to platinum. Funky colorss. All will vary with length, thickness and how much product is used. 25 and up
Keritin treatment - $160
This is a chemical free treatment that strenghten,s hair, makes the hair stronger ,shinny,soft ,and less frizzy
Brazilian blowout - $175
This treatment eliminates frizzies and is a smoothing treatment ,with amino acids ,no chemicals ,leave hair soft and shinny ,hair will remain straight after perspiration, or humidity
Hair Extensions, keratin or micro beads - $175
This service can be done two different ways either by tracks or individuals applications. If you have any questions please call the salon,714-220-9390,or feel free to stop by for a consultation, Hair is Not Included
Dry curl - $90
Curl rerranger. Relaxes and smooths while remaking the curl
Root touch up relaxer - $90
For over curly hair to straighten the hair and includes a slight trim.
Updo - $55
45 and up. Weddings, special events or just want to feel pretty come with dry hair please !
Texurizer - $60
Short hair relaxer for overly curly hair or curly hair to a more manageable state. It is a chemical process.
Relaxer full head - $100
Takes overly curly hair to straight. Comes with a slight trim
Dreadlocks (for over curly hair only) - $150
For someone with overly curly hair. It's a twist with an interlock base
Instant Dreadlocks ( start) - $400 (call for appointment)
This service starts the hair into a dreadlock locking method ,for any type of hair texture , locking the dreadlocks can take up to 4 months , maintenance is suggested once a month
Instant dreadlocks half a head - $250 (call for appointment)
Consultation recommended, long hair may effect pricing, deposit requested
Dreadlock (1 month maintanance) - $80
Haircut not included ,this service is for 2 hours , if additional time needed price may vary
Dreadlocks ( 2 months or more maintenance) - $90
This is a dreadlock root touch up, is to help maintain beautiful locks,and groom existing locks,setting the locks helps eliminate wild hair ,does not include HAIRCUT or edge up is extra $$ ,this price is for 2 hours ,additional time could effect price
ADD ON=:Flat iron - $30
This service can be added on to any service ,please alot the extra time when making your appt online ,than you
This service can be added to any service or alone by it,s self ,Hair must be clean at the time of service.
ADD ON ::: Blow dry service - $25
Please add this =when making your appt in order to have the alotted time for your service,
Conditioning treatmemt - $20
This treatment is a add on to any non treatment service ,such as a haircut or color treatment , price does not include style or blowdry
Men,s hair cut with beard grooming - $35
Box Braids - $150

Box braids get their name from the symmetrical, box-shaped parts, but an alternative is triangle parts. It's a modern take on the classic protective style. This ombré look has a slight wave, which you can easily create by wrapping a few plaits around flexirods and dipping them in boiling hot water.
cornrows/feed in braids for women,men and kids - $30

Cornrows a style of braiding and plaiting the hair in narrow strips to form geometric patterns on the scalp. Feed in Braids are the illusion of naturally long cornrow braids as if they are growing directly from the scalp (no extensions added). ... The Feed in Braid technique is achieved by adding in braiding hair extensions to one's natural hair strand by strand beginning with a starter braid using your natural hair
Micro/tree Braids - $250
Micro braids are tiny braids that are braided tightly into the hair. This hairstyle is mostly popular amongst women of African descent and lasts a long time. Those seeking protective hairstyles can opt to get micro braids done using synthetic braids or natural hair extensions.
Tree braids are a protective style also known by the term invisible braids. The idea is that you don't see the braids in your hair, and only the ends of the extensions that have been installed into the braid are visible.
Passion Twists - $185

Passion twists (also known as spring twists) are what happens when Senegalese twists and goddess locs get together. They're a new form of two-strand twists that are done using wavy hair extensions, creating a boho look with more texture.
Senegal Twists - $200
Crochet - $100
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Crochet braids, also known as latch hook braids, are techniques for braiding hair that involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to a person's natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook. ... Known as a protective style, the technique can assist with hair growth if cared for properly.
Men,s hair cut with beard grooming - $35
French Braid - $30
a type of braid in the hair made by interweaving three relatively thin strands, typically starting near the crown, then adding more hair into the braid from either side with each subsequent interweaving.
Nubian Twists - $180
Nubian twists are a two-strand twist hairstyle similar to Kinky twists and Marley twists. Nubian twists use a special hair type of hair extension called Nubian hair to achieve the look. The hair creates a more defined two-strand twist that can resemble a spring.
Faux Locs - $450
Faux locs are a temporary protective style similar to box braids whereas loc extensions are intended to be a permanent extension of your hair. Faux locs are installed by twisting or braiding the real hair and then wrapping additional hair around the shaft of the braid/twist.
Weave in - $160
A hair weave is human or artificial hair utilized for the integration with one's natural hair. ... Weaving additional human or synthetic pieces can enhance one's hair by giving it volume and length, and by adding color without the damage of chemicals or adopting a different hair texture than that of their own.
Ponytail - $85
a hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back and tied at the back of the head, causing it to hang down like a pony's tail.
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