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Haircuts & Styling

Woman's Haircut, wash & style
A full haircut includes: a Wash, Cut, Blowdry, Styling & some finishing work.
Pricing starts at $100-$200 & is determined by length: from short, to medium, to long hair.
Quick maintenance Cut/ NO wash & style included
This service is a 30 min. cut if you are on a budget & just want a quick appointment. It DOES NOT include a wash, blowdry or styling.
Pricing is $50-$90 . You’ll need to arrive with your hair relatively clean & product free, so it gives me a clean canvas to work on in the amount of timeframe of 30 min.
Men's Haircut - $65
Haircut & styled with product
Bang trim - $10
This service is if you are looking for a shampoo & blowdry. Pricing depends on length: $55-$65
Blowout & Style with Hot tools
This service is if you are looking to get a shampoo, blow dry & styling with a flatiron or curling iron/wand. $65 & up.
There’s an additional charge if you’d like to include your clip in extensions: total $85-$100
Formal Event Style
Red Carpet or a night out on the town $150 & up

Color Services

Any Color/Highlight with Haircut
Any Color Service including a Haircut. Pricing is A` la cart.
Please direct back to pricing of each service listed individually.
Any Color Service with Keratin Treatment
Any Color Service with a Keratin Treatment. Pricing is A`la cart. Please reference back to each individual price.
Balayage/Foilyage Highlights
Pricing starts at $275- $400 and depends on your length, thickness and what needs to be done to achieve the look you want. Includes a Root smudge/tap or Color-melt, & toning on the ends.
Partial Foil Highlight
Half head highlights done in foils. $250
Or a little more can be added to blend around your hairline underneath. Pricing includes a toner and blow-dry/style.
Full Foil Highlight
Entire head highlighted in foils. Pricing STARTS at $275- $500, & depends on length, thickness and what needs to be done to achieve the look you want. Includes a root smudge/melt & toner on your ends.
Double Process: Base Touchup & Highlights
This appointment is if you get two color services done.
Meaning you touchup your base/root color (in example to cover gray or go lighter with your roots) AND we do a Highlight service on top of that.
Pricing is À la cart for each service totaling around : $280-$500 depending on what you need done.
Root touchup - $80
$80 This service is if you are looking to touch up your regrowth/root area only on an all over color.. Retouch on highlights Or Bleach Touchup is NOT the same. Pricing is determined by amount & thickness.
Face Framing/Few Foils
This service is another option for you, if you'd like just a few foils and less than a partial highlight. Pricing around $100-$200.
Single Process Color
This service is if you are looking to color your hair one color all over your entire head.
*Not the same as Highlights*
Pricing depends on length & thickness: $100-$250
Toner/Gloss Refresher & blowdry
$100 Gloss/Toner can be done as a separate service. It removes unwanted tones such as yellow or brassy colors. Or can maintain in-between color appointments, by melting or smudging your roots & toning your ends. Pricing is determined by what needs to be done, how many toners needed, length & thickness.
Bleach on the scalp and Tone - $300
Pricing is anywhere from $200-$300.
This service is required if you are a solid blonde, NOT Highlighted, but Touch Up your roots with Bleach. And then Toning.
Pricing may be anywhere from $200-$300 & is determined by what we will need to do with your hair. Includes toner/gloss
Corrective Color
Pricing starts at $300- $500 & is determined by what needs to be done to adjust your hair, to achieve the look you want. *Consultation or Pictures are required first in order to quote pricing.

Habit Hand Tied Extension Method

Extension Consultation - $25
This 30 min. consultation appointment is so we can see if you’d be a right fit for the Handtied Extensions.
Due to an increase in No Shows, a non-refundable $25 fee is required to book this appointment.
During this time we will go over the method, pick out the right color & length to order, and book your Install. Depending on how many packs of hair you will need and length you want, the hair is around $400-$1700 & it will take 3-7 business days for your hair to be delivered. It is suggested we order your hair during this time.

*Please take note of my cancellation policy. By booking this appointment you are agreeing to the policy. The $25 goes towards securing your consultation for both of us.
Habit Hand Tied Installation
*If you are a brand new Install, a consultation in person is required before booking this Install Appointment. Go to "Extension Consultation" to book

What to expect for your Extension Appointment:
Your hair should already be ordered with a deposit beforehand during your consultation.
-Installation Fee the day of your Install Appointment:
$1 Row $275 for hair that only needs volume
2 Rows $375 (average number of rows) volume & length
3 Rows $400+ for thick, shoulder length hair that needs lots of blending
Blended Haircut included with installation
Blowdry/Style with curls included & after pictures

*All additional Color services will be charged*
Install/Move Up with a Color/Highlight Service
New Install, or just a Move with any Color or Highlight service.
Expect your appointment to be up to 5- 6 hours in the salon :)
Re Install/ Move up Only
Removing of current Hand Tied Extensions, & reinstall. Styling after included.
Pricing is same as install: $200- $475.
**ADDITIONAL CHARGE: If you’d like your hair to be washed & blow dried before we put the extensions back in, please lmk so we can add more time to your appointment, & take note of an additional $35 fee. ** OR $55 for Washing & drying with the extensions. We will need an xtra 30-45 min. added on to your appointment.
Keratin Treatment & Install/Moveup
This appointment is if you’d like a Keratin treatment with your Install or Moveup.
Appointment time: Up to 4 hours
Extension Adjustment/Fix
This is only a 15-30min. quick fix If something snagged, is hanging or you need an area resewn. This appointment is not for you if u need to remove an entire row & resew it. Please book for a “Reinstall service” then because we need more time.
Come with clean dry hair! Additional charges if you'd like it washed and styled. But Please ask beforehand so we can allow more time.
*If you are a new client pricing is anywhere from $25-$80
Extension Removal Only
$25 for removal.
*Additional charge* if you’d like your hair washed & blow dried after removal. Please text me first, to ask if we will have enough time. 847-845-6924

Keratin/Protein treatments

Keratin Treatment
This 2-3 hour service will relax your hair's natural curl, get rid of frizz, & most importantly, provides a protective protein barrier over your hair to help prevent breakage. Treatment will last for 3-5 months. Pricing depends on length and thickness $250-$350
Keratin Treatment with Haircut
$350 & up depending on length
Deep Conditioning Treatment add on - $30
This service is if you'd like to add an Intense Repair or Hydrating Conditioning Treatment to your service. You may choose to book alone. Blow-dry & style may be an extra charge.
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