A Healthy Touch Massage. INSIDE Wiechert Equity.

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To provide individual comfort and healing in a relaxed and
professional atmosphere.
Your health matters. PLEASE, NO SMOKING!
PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION WHEN SCHEDULING. The office is located inside Weichert Equity NW Realtors.

Choose a service to schedule

FIRST VISIT, Swedish Relaxation, {NOT Goupon} - $55

THIS IS NOT A GROUPON SPECIAL! This $55 fee is for a first time client. Regularly $75. All health and medical information will be taken with a full 5 minute consultation. Please be sure to bring your list of medications. Additional fees for future appointments will be discussed during the consultation,and any post op recommendations. Allow up to 21/2 minutes for dressing and undressing. Treatment work and or Deep Tissue may be added for a small fee of $20. Essential Oils may be added for $5. IF you would like a SPA FOOT SOAK, please make a note of it in the NOTES so that time can be added AND E-MAIL me at kristy98682@gmail.com, so that I may add the time for you.
GROUPON SPECIAL, limited time of 120 days. - $85
This Special starts on October 15, 2019.This is a SPECIAL for 120 days from day of purchase.
PLEASE READ and follow all the guidelines. No smoking please, I am extremely allergic.
When given as a GIFT, please inform the receiver of this information!
You MUST have the groupon available to be redeemed at your appointment and please put the number of your voucher in the notes.This is the 8 digit UPC #, not the order or confirmation #. This is to verify, not to charge.
You MUST HAVE THE GROUPON WITH YOU! All expired vouchers will be honored for the promotional value, PLUS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE TOTAL FEE FOR SERVICES.
You may add a service, such as Aromatherapy, or a Warm foot soak, or Reflexology, for an additional fee. A 5 minute health intake and consultation are included on paper. 5 minutes for dressing, undressing and asking & answering questions included.
PLEASE be sure to specify in the notes if you are having the Full Body Swedish Relaxation, or the Treatment Work TO A FOCUSED AREA.
Any questions please e-mail me at kristy98682@gmail.com.
Spa Foot Soak and Massage - $95
Enjoy a full hour and a half starting with a warm SPA FOOT SOAK, and then up to 30 minutes of basic reflexology, finishing with using 100% coconut oil to smooth and relax. The finishing 20 minutes will be your choice of relaxation or light treatment work to a focused area. A full 5 minutes to relax and 5 minutes for dressing.
RELAXATION, may add Essential Oil - $75
This is a Full Body Swedish Style Relaxation Massage. 100% guaranteed grade Essential Oils from Young Living may be incorporated by inhaling, diffusing and absorbing.
Sitting CHAIR Massage - $1
Now available! Sitting chair massage! Clothing will be left on. $1.00 per minute. Minimum 15 minutes.
Dry Brushing with Massage - $75
This massage service is a combination of using two special dry brushes to invigorate the skin, removed dry skin, and increase blood circulation! GREAT FOR TANNERS! This also includes a wonderful 100 % natural oil that absorbs and moisturizes the skin. A minimum of 30 minutes will be aimed towards relaxation.
Pre Natal - $75
This is perfect for expecting women. Must be at least 12 weeks along. This treatment includes side-lying and comfy pillows. A relaxing Essential oil may be added for a small fee of $5.
Treatment Focus, with Deep Tissue - $85
This appointment is treatment based for sore, tired, and, or inflamed muscles and, or injuries. It may include one or more groups of muscles. It may also include muscle scraping, cupping, tapotement and or percussion massage. It is suggested you drink extra water and use ice off and on before your appointment. Essential oils for pain and inflammation relief may be added for a small fee of $5. Allow 5 minutes for consultation, and 5 minutes for dressing and undressing.
Basic Reflexology - $75
This service is based on the concept that all nerve endings begin and end in your feet, hands and ears. Treatment focused with a combination of Swedish relaxation.
Percusion and Tapotement, Energy Treatment - $85
This is a deeper, higher energy massage which may include the use of massage instruments such as pounding balls or bonger balls. Great for those that want more energy or do not wish to relax.
Treatment Work, or Deep Focus. This is a half an hour. - $35
If you don't have time for a full hour or just want focused treatment work, this is a great option This is to focus on one specified area. Treatment may include deep tissue, tapotement, percussion treatment, or cupping. A pain relieving cream may be added for only $5.
SPECIAL TIME REQUESTS - $85 (call for appointment)
Special request times are Monday through Thursdays, 9 am or 6 pm. This is a one hour appointment for relaxation. Deep Tissue is an add on at the fee of $10. This time MUST be approved by myself, by a phone call within 48 hours prior to scheduling. #360-839-0979.
Hour & a half, Full Body Swedish Relaxation - $95
An extra half an hour to relax.
MInor Child Swedish Relaxation, under 13 years - $45
Specified for children under 13 years. Identification may be required. A PARENT OR LEGAL CUSTODIAN MUST BE IN THE ROOM AT ALL TIMES. 16 YEARS AND OVER ARE CONSIDERED AN ADULT. Under 18 must have a written note or a signature on file for treatment from a parent or legal custodian.
Himilayan Salt Stone Massage - $80
Enjoy a very relaxing WARM 100% Himilayan Salt Stone Massage. Swedish relaxation is the preferred method of use The firmness and warmth of the stones may also allow more intense pressure, if desired.THE EARLIEST TIME FOR THIS APPOINTMENT IS 11:00 A.M., DUE TO THE TIME TO WARM THE STONES.
Cupping, glass not silicone - $75
Cupping is the basic application of suction or vacuum to the skin for therapeutic effect. It Decompresses the tissue rather than compressing. It may be used for dispelling colds and chest congestion, muscle aches and pains , headaches and increasing oxygen and blood flow among many other health issues. The "Bruising" is NOT bruising. It is debri and toxins in the body being released through the tissue rather than through the lymphatic system. They do not cause pain. E-mail kristy98682@gmail.com for more info before your appointment, if you choose.
Directions 15640 N.E Fourth Plain Blvd., 2ND FLOOR! Suite #219, Vancouver, WA 98682