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Roseburg Office

Town Office: Therapeutic Massage - $65
Town Office:
Choose from the following: Whole Body Balancing, CranioSacral (Dr. Upledger), Lymph Drainage (Dr. Chikley, Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio), Breema BodyWork, Myofascial Release, Tai Style or Reiki

Breema is done on a padded rug on the floor with client fully clothed. It can be preformed on a table if the floor does not work.
Town Office: Accept the Calm-Be the Balance - $65 (call for appointment)
Do you have inner emotions that simply seem to stay ? Or feelings of "stuck", or pains that remain....or feel numb etc ? You may wish to work with possible freeing, "trapped emotions". It is amazing !!! Flowing through the layers.
Town Office: Revitalizing Peace Massage - $65
Town Office:
Gentle, soothing & deeply relaxing.
Town Office: Revitalizing Peace Massage with Heated Stones or Essential Oils - $85
Town Office:
Heated Stones & essential oils can be added to this deep place of inner peace.
Town Office: Touching Your Heart Massage - $95
Town Office:
Looking for a deep healing & nourishing experience ? Book this 1.5 hr session, supporting your personal transformations or for simply deepening ease & flow.
Town Office: Breema Bodywork Session - $45
Town Office:
Breema is a taste of deep relaxation, gentle stretching & overall nourishment: internally & externally. is the wonderful site to gain expanded understanding from, The Breema Center.
Town Office & E-mail: The Pillars-Understanding True Health - $75
The Pillars of Nutrition, incorporates either an e-mailed NAQ (nutritional assessment questionnaire), or one that can be mailed & client brings to 1st appointment. The NAQ focuses areas of health concerns by discovering what your body is trying to tell you through the reporting, in System Burden portion.

The focus for INN is think organic whole foods first. Yet our soils can even lack nutrients SO,
In some cases, short term nutritional supplements are a part of the protocol. Why ? Because the NAQ can reveal deficiencies (a lack or shortage), which in the dosing process, can determine the amount & time frame involved.
As an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner), We support what our pioneers, in the health field knew & practiced in Whole Food Nutrition.
Town Office: Morphogenic Field Technique Nutrition - $75
Town Office Only:, is the place to visit & watch Dr. Frank Springob demonstrate what a session looks like !

MFT allows layers of support, with the aim of balancing health. In a first session you can learn about your autonomic nervous system & testing in the field, with muscle response testing, a 3-D approach, you can actually witness the difference, as we pinpoint a more precise direction, regarding your nutritional protocol.
Town Office: Morphogenic Field Technique and NAQ Nutrition Combined - $90
Town Office Only:
In this session, both NAQ assessment & an MFT (Morphogenic Field Technique) session are combined for the greatest wealth of "healthful" client understanding.
Town Office: Heart-Centered-Self Hypnosis - $90
Town Office:
"All hypnosis is self hypnosis". It is important to remember that you are in charge. Yet sometimes it is equally beneficial to step out of our own way & dig deeper into our inner sanctuary, beyond critical mind thinking.
You are invited to enter this sacred space of clarity & tap into your inner well of wisdom-keeping. This gentle journey work may hold a key seed. One can begin to see an aim of choice, gain learning & find the directions of releasing extra.
Town Office: Clearing the Spring: Unity Breath - $111 (call for appointment)
Yurt appts: Monday-Friday-Saturday
Town appts: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday

A unique, calming session focusing on "mending the heart-mind", through reconnecting intentional journey work. This session begins the process of a deeper inner knowing & intuitive guidance allows a nurturing, creative flow. Unity Breath Meditation completes this inner-wealth session.

TBA-We are in the process of offering this as an on-lone format as well.

Forest Yurt Center

Yurt appt: Therapeutic Massage - $65
Mon, Fri, Sat @ the Forest Yurt

About 20 east from Roseburg, nestled in the forest.
Choose: Whole Body Balancing, CranioSacral or Lymph Drainage Therapy ALSO,
Breema (fully clothed) on a padded rug, & Reiki sessions.
Yurt appt: Accept the Calm-Be the Balance - $65 (call for appointment)
Retreat into our Forest Yurt Sanctuary & indulge the peace of releasing blocked emotions through: The Emotion Code Technique.
Yurt appt: Revitalizing Peace Massage - $65
Mon, Fri, Sat @ Forest Yurt

Sanctuary: Come to a secret place & rest for awhile......This beautifully describes the amazing peace the great nature can offer, for just a few miles driving "time".
You will leave, Revitalized, Calm & Deeply Relaxed.
Yurt appt: Revitalizing Peace Massage with Heated Stones or Essential Oils - $85
Mon, Fri, Sat @ Forest Yurt

This session is deeply relaxing & adds that "spa" feeling of support.
Yurt appt: Touching Your Heart Massage - $95
Mon, Fri, Sat @ Forest Yurt

Nestled in our forest, Touching Your Heart massage supports a deeply nurturing & nourishing experience.
Yurt appt: Breema Bodywork Session - $45
Mon, Fri, Sat @ Forest Yurt

Breema BodyWork is done on a padded rug, with the client fully clothed. Breema has 100's of sequences that are very relaxing, some with gentle nourishing stretches, in others, just the name of the sequence supports the journey of life.
Very likely, you will be deeply refreshed with a taste of your own presence, & a very calming awareness. Self-Breema is also an option of supportive instruction. Hope to see you soon.
Yurt appt: Heart-Centered-Self Hypnosis - $90
Mon, Fri, Sat @ Forest Yurt

Enter into your own inner sanctuary, nestled in the forest of warmth & ease. Tap into your own clarity of wisdom-keeping & realize the messages & gifts that are awaiting you & your journeys' way.
Yurt Retreat: Make a Wish: Cultivating True Source - 1/2 Day - $222 (call for appointment)
(541) 430-3821

Must pre-arrange.
Forest Yurt Center - Idleyld Park

Expand your conversation by allowing Life-Scape "redesigning" to process an unraveling of life-layers by interweaving a personal foundation that incorporates Divination. A platform to deeply nourish & awaken your Light-Body Presence.
Yurt Retreat: Rise Up Shining: Walking Each Other Home - $333 (call for appointment)
(541) 430-3821

Must pre-arrange.
Forest Yurt Center - Idleyld Park.

Through vulnerable strength, cultivate a mindfulness compassion for our changing world by developing a contemplative grounding practice. Unity in daily life deepens our commitment toward self understanding & personal transformation allows us to live authentically, supporting a lasting, positive posture. Harmony with Existence.

It is a true experience to, "Rise Up Shining", assisting life by, " Walking Each Other Home". Home to True Nature, "You Yourself", a life of grace is gentle Yet, amazing.

Come, Let's "Walk Together", feel supported & learn, releasing extra, simple meditation, goal setting, relaxation, Divination, Chakra cleansing etc etc
Reiki Attunement I - $222 (call for appointment)
Reconnect with your natural Spirit flow, begin a personal journey, learning how to become a clear conduit for Life Force Energy: Reiki. A Oneness Way.
Reiki Attunement II - $222 (call for appointment)
Reiki II, expands your levels of connection, intention, symbol placements & sequence session, continued from level I.
Reiki Attunement III - $333 (call for appointment)
Reiki Mastery III, continues an experiential approach into Self Awareness, deepening an understanding of this Ancient practice, while facilitating natural wellness levels for yourself & your clients.