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Roseburg Office

Massage & More - $72
Craniosacral, Lymph, & Integrative Modalities, release into deep relaxation, peace & rejuvenation & Flow !
Hypnotherapy - $95
Enjoy an integrative therapy of ease & release of out patterns. Set new directions of balance & lighten-up your life.
Emotion Code & Body Code - $72
Enjoy the profound work of Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC....this is indeed a choice of positive life-changing supports !
Biofield Tuning - $72
Allow the discovery master-work of Eileen Day McKusick to bring an increased harmony into your life with this integrative tuning fork/sound session. Our fields & bodies get filled with a variety of unnecessary noise. This format entrains balance on many levels.
Biomagnetism - $72
The work of Dr. Luis has been around for many years, allow the pairing of magnet placements support a balancing for a myriad of health supports.
Earthing Session - $72
Enjoy any of our offerings via the use of earthing mats or patches & feel the relief of various discomforts.
Meditation-Unity Breath-Body Centered - $72
Deep your way Home. This is profound work of many years in the meditation world, yet to become your own self-awakened Being really only requires you & an open heart aim into the present moment. Exquisitely deep, fulfilling & a return to Flow.
MFT & Muscle Testing - $72
Learn about this health support designed by Dr. Frank Springob, DC. See what your own innate intelligence knows about your needs & add to a new understanding.
The Art of Muscle Testing - $72
Come & delight in a new self-supportive technique that you can take anywhere & refine to your own style. Get your own-YES/NO-answers clearly, regarding most any question you have.
Chakra, Sound/Vibration, Color Therapy - $72
This ancient Science of support has an overall balancing affect that is deeply impacting. Here is an integrative approach that combines many teachers I have been fortunate enough to train with over many years. We begin with your intention & proceed from there. Our aim also encompasses a return to Flow.
Sound Lounge - $72 (call for appointment)
Have a particular concern ? Come & enjoy the discoveries of David Gibson, sound scholar. You will enter an atmosphere of deep relaxed support via a headset, vocal sound or binaural beats/tuning forks assistance. I am delighted to bring these techniques forward., with a natural return to Flow.
Reiki Grace Or Breema BodyWork - $72
Flow is our birthright. Yet stress is major for many of life's paces today. Experience this ancient flow of Universal, limitless, life force. Refresh or enhance a deeper relationship/connection: to self others & daily life. These sessions are facilitated with client fully clothed on a padded rug or massage table for ease, your choice.

Zoom Sessions

Violet Flame Journey - $150 (call for appointment)
If you reside in Unity consciousness & are feeling called forward in a way to infuse a personal & Heart-Based collective service to humanity, this might be a perfect fit for you. As our Cosmos continues a great transformation into higher consciousness/Unity, we are being asked to step forth & remember; to serve for a greater good. During this meditation-attunement you will receive Divine guidance through a unique process of intentional integration. You may discover that you are asked to carry the Violet Flame in your Third for instance, nurturing the New World of living Heaven on Earth. Or you may come away with a clarity that fits you in yet another manifestation. Your Divinity is your True Nature & awakening to True Self creates a palette of exquisite possibilities. Higher Self, St. Germain & other Light Beings assist in these facilitation sessions.
Zoom-Unity Breath-Stress Release Meditation - $47
Allow a calming, Body-Centered Meditation, supporting here & now, while connecting to earth-sky, natures'- energy support. Behind the 'scene' is electromagnetic balance & more.
This unique approach allows one to relax into the natural state of self awareness, very refreshing, & deepens your internal wealth of Life Force.
In office, via Zoom, or on phone, your choice. 'Come away to a secret place & rest for awhile.' Your personal sanctuary-teaches how to release held stress.
Zoom-The Body Code/option distance - $80
I work with a system of energy work called The Body Code. This system identifies & corrects different imbalances, that may cause a varied amount of issues: physical, emotional, etc. A focus of this method deals with the health of the energy body or BioField. With this modality we release trapped emotions (emotional baggage), & correct blocked chakras, meridians etc. The physical side, for example, looks for: infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, structural imbalance, addressing those according to whatever the client's body needs. Basically, this work is all about removing imbalance in order to provide the best conditions for the body to heal itself, supporting innate intelligence. This system refines-refines-refines the details of profound supports while releasing the extras !
Zoom-The Emotion Code/option distance - $80
This is a system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, focusing on releasing Trapped Emotions. To experience this whether in the Biofield or the body tissues, is a freedom of calm release. It is like taking a huge breath of expanded peace, returning to a deeper level of homeostasis.
This system seems simple, yet yields profound freedom by releasing the collections from life events, you may not even bbe aware were entangled. As processing continues, ease in life bbecomes very apparent.
Zoom-Biofield Tuning Session/option distance - $80
Experience, first-hand, the profound effects of this unique, non-invasive sound therapy method. Tuning the Biofield, releases the 'noise', the dis-coherent energy, allowing coherent energy to create calm & clarity overall.
This system was developed by Eileen D. McKusick & her dedication to proving the physics of sound & the benefits of an attunement, regarding health & well-being are expansive. It is a great honor to serve as a therapist in this modality.
Zoom-Biomagnetism & Beyond/option distance - $72
Biomagnetism is a scientific, therapeutic approach to wellness. It is perfectly compatible with any other alternative modality. This approach is a type of biofeedback, where the Biomagnetic Pairings complement each other, sustaining the bio-energetic phenomenon. The goal is to attain a bio-energetic balance, & this state is referred to as 'homeostasis. It involves the precise placement of North/South, high quality magnets, to support regulation of pH in these areas. Maintaining adequate pH, the body is able to reestablish this balance.This stimulates a return to normal immune response, increased circulation & oxygenation, which aims to normalize response to inflammation & many more positive effects overall. This is not the same as traditional magnetic therapy. The magnetic fields used for this purpose are low intensity (between 100 - 500 gauss) & are applied for longer periods of time-20 - 90 mins. Biomagnetism/bio-energetic pairs are vibrational -the science of vibration.
Zoom-Nutri-Q Assessment-Optimize Health - $47 (call for appointment)
Do you have health concerns that do not seem to be dissipating ? Are you looking for a unique way to pinpoint details for a healthy support direction ? If 'Yes' is your answer, this nutritional assessment questionnaire might be the 'key'. Plan a 1/2 hr for yourself & take the online NAQ (paper copy available). This will be returned to me, as a nutritional therapy practitioner & we can set an appointment to go over results, suggesting, Wellness Options, which include short term supplement details, balancing body systems. This opportunity allows you to optimize your health by 'peeling' off the layers, digging deeper into options.
Zoom-Learning the Art of Muscle, Self-Testing - $52
Muscle testing is a noninvasive tool that can help us identify, imbalances, establish clarifications, etc. It is a science & the principle is that muscles remain strong during congruence/truth, & weak in a state of in-congruence, or falsehood. You can learn to expand your own innate abilities.
This ability has been compared to a lie detector test, also science based with a delicate machine. With your muscles, this is simply on a larger scale, yet still science based.
Zoom-Morphogenic Field Technique Nutrition/option distance - $72
Town Office Only:, is the place to visit & watch Dr. Frank Springob demonstrate what a session looks like !

MFT allows layers of support, with the aim of balancing health. In a first session you can learn about your autonomic nervous system & testing in the field, with muscle response testing, a 3-D approach, you can actually witness the difference, as we pinpoint a more precise direction, regarding your nutritional protocol.
Zoom-FlorAlive-Flower Essence & Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind - $72
Work Proxy, to uncover Flower Formulas that support clearing your subconscious mind from negative, repeating patterning.

Dr. Brent Davis, expanded the work of British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, by developing, through his scientific research, an uncut flower code process that has shown many of his patients, the clearing qualities of these codes.

The flower codes work to release negative patterning from the subconscious mind. These are not essential oils, this is a dose formula that is sipped in water throughout the day.

What has been discovered is that the clearing of the Biofield, opens the way for positive replacements & the codes assist this process. Like a tuning fork, retrains a waveform into balance....all science & physics based & shown.
Zoom-Hypnotherapy-Self Hypnosis/option distance - $95
Town Office:
"All hypnosis is self hypnosis". It is important to remember that you are in charge. Yet sometimes it is equally beneficial to step out of our own way & dig deeper into our inner sanctuary, beyond critical mind thinking.
You are invited to enter this sacred space of clarity & tap into your inner well of wisdom-keeping. This gentle journey work may hold a key seed. One can begin to see an aim of choice, gain learning & find the directions of releasing extra.
Zoom-Clearing the Spring with Unity Breath - $113 (call for appointment)
Yurt appts: Monday-Friday-Saturday
Town appts: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday

A unique, calming session focusing on "mending the heart-mind", through reconnecting intentional journey work. This session begins the process of a deeper inner knowing & intuitive guidance allows a nurturing, creative flow. Unity Breath Meditation completes this inner-wealth session.