Jessica Schultz, (MST, PMA-CPT, Level II Reiki Healer) is an educational director, movement healer, and Peak Pilates Level III Master Instructor and Mentor. She has trained Pilates instructors around the world and has presented her work at conferences such as WSSC in Miami. Like many instructors, she first discovered Pilates after an injury from dance. After practicing the work for many years, she decided to share what she has learned and is so passionate about – the ability of Pilates to transform not only your body, but to reshape and reform muscle movement patterns. As a Comprehensive Peak Pilates and New York City Ballet Instructor, Jessica is constantly challenging herself as a teacher and student of Joseph Pilates’ work, whether she is dropping in on class at Oregon Ballet Theatre or spending time at a studio in Paris, France working with a German Master Trainer. While completing her Pilates apprenticeship at Geometry Pilates in the Pearl (an Authentic Pilates Studio), Jessica also concurrently completed her Master’s in Science and Teaching at Portland State University. At the university she worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and she gained valuable information on education theory, Alexander Technique, and was able to work with Barbara Conable and the Coordinate Movement program at PSU. After working as an independent instructor in Portland for over eight years, Jessica finally moved to her own space at the Eastbank Commerce Center in SE Portland in 2008. She is very excited to have a home for the unique, personalized instruction she offers in a warm and private studio environment. When not teaching at Jessica Schultz Pilates, Jessica has been featured in the Pearl Magazine, PDX Magazine, and on Telefit Television in the Dominican Republic. She was a finalist for the Pilates Anytime next Pilates Instructor in 2013 and also teaches for Oregon Ballet Theatre.
Lara began pilates in 2003 while living in the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado, her home & outdoor playground for 22 yrs. She was lured to a new pilates studio in town with a 'core- focused' fitness program that offered a low impact, muscle strengthening, stability and flexibility exercise as an adjunct practice to balance out her outdoor lifestyle filled with high impact sports. As an avid ultra runner & skier, Lara felt that she needed to build and strengthen her glutes, hips, upper back and abs; all key muscles related to core strength. Her love of pilates continued once she moved to Portland, Oregon in 2014. Joseph Pilates felt, "civilization impairs physical fitness". Working as a home health nurse, Lara has seen first hand the many negative patterns the body has adapted from injuries, disease process, illnesses & lifestyle choices. Lara firmly believes that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. In 2015, Lara received her PEAK mat certification. She continued with PEAK pilates Master Instructor, Jessica Schultz completing Levels 1 and 2 PEAK pilates comprehensive certifications. In March of 2023, Lara completed her level 3 comprehensive classical training including mat and apparatus equipment. Lara feels passionate about the benefits of pilates for one’s posture, alignment, spinal health and overall core strength. Most importantly, Lara wants you to know that pilates should not be intimidating and can benefit every body at any fitness level and any age.
Taylor doesn’t know life without Pilates. Her mom had been a Pilates student for eight years before she convinced pre-teen Taylor to join her for some lessons. Taylor quickly gained love and appreciation for Pilates and it became part of her regular fitness and training routine. As a former collegiate and semi-pro soccer player, she experienced firsthand the benefits of Pilates for athletes. She earned her Peak Pilates Level 1 Certification in June 2021. Taylor’s favorite thing about Pilates is its accessibility for every body, age, fitness level, and flexibility level. She loves working with athletes and anyone else who believes in strong Powerhouses, flexible spines, and happy hamstrings. Taylor is a PNW transplant from Colorado. She is an Art Director by day and, in her spare time, loves hiking, running, reading, and finding new breweries to visit with her husband and her dog.