Choose a service to schedule

Consultation (call for appointment)
We DO NOT require appointments for consultations. Please feel free to stop in and talk with us anytime. We do, however, recommend calling prior to coming in to ensure the artist you would like to speak to will be available.

Anyone requesting a cover-up must have an in-person consultation prior to scheduling a tattoo appointment.

Consultations are also needed for larger pieces (I.e. chest pieces, back pieces, half-sleeve or larger)
New Tattoo Appointment - $100
Our shop minimum is $100. Pricing is based on size, detail, and placement.

You must provide a $100 non-refundable deposit in order to secure appointment. Your deposit goes toward overall price of your tattoo. Please see the Deposit Policy page on our website for more information.

Please note that appointments booked online are automatically booked for 2 hours.
Multi-Session Tattoo (call for appointment)
This option is only for existing clients, with standing deposits, that are working on a large-scale piece with an artist but did not schedule their next session at their last visit.
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser tattoo removal requires an in person consultation prior to your first treatment.
Tattoo Appointment Request (Josh Hall)
This is ONLY a request to be tattooed by Josh Hall. This does not guarantee an appointment and is not in lieu of a consultation. You may still be required to come into the shop for a consultation prior to your requested appointment. You will be required to put in a $100 deposit upon approval of your request by your artist.

We will respond to your appointment request within 2 business days and provide further instruction on how to complete your appointment request once it is reviewed by the artist. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours please call the shop.
Traditional Hawaiian Hand Tapped KaKau - $100
This is an appointment for a traditional Hawaiian hand tapped cultural tattoo. The crew from Ka Uhi on Oahu will be here in Dallas sharing the spirituality and art of the Hawaiian kakau with us.

This is a truly rare experience and we encourage you to take advantage while you can.
Because the tools they use are all hand made and there is a limit to what they can travel with there is a minimum of $500 for these pieces.