Choose a stylist

Lee has been a part of the team since it was founded back in 1997. Whether you are young or more senior he can deal with any age group and deliver great results. Married father of 3, he also tutors Cricket, rugby, likes a Guinness and is a fantastic single figured golfer. Never lets you down.
Joel is excellent at skin fades and prides himself on achieving great results on all of his hairstyles. Joel can deliver the goods with any challenges that are put in front of him. Married to Stacy and the father of 3, he spends his time out in the countryside, mountains, sea sides and living off the land. Never disappoints.
Jill has been a member of the team for over 20 years now. She is very popular with all types of scissor cuts and is also a favourite for our senior clients. Great all rounder.
Dawn has been involved in gents hair styling for over 35 years. With this experience when it comes to cutting mens hair there are not many styles that she can not master.