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Brow Grooming

Signature Brow Grooming - $16
25 Minutes
Beautiful Brows have been my passion since my days as a make up artist. I believe in creating natural looking brows that follow your natural growth pattern. Your Brows should enhance your natural beauty not overpower it. I employ many methods including threading, tweezing, trimming and European hard wax to gently achieve this goal. Brow grooming covers the hair removal needs of most guests. This appointment has time for hair removal for up to 3 of the following areas: Eyebrow, Upper Lip or Chin. Base price shown covers removal of hair on one area. additional areas are $9.00 ea.
SoBro.....Sobolance Express Experience +Brow Shaping - $30
50 Minutes
Includes a shorter version of the trifecta experience focusing mainly on the feet and my signature brow grooming
NEW A.R.T. & Brow - $25
Signature Brow Grooming with Auricular (ear) Reflexive Technique

Sobolance Reflexology Experiences

NEW A.R.T. Auricular Reflexive Technique - $20
Many people don't realize that ear contains reflexes for the entire body. In fact, there is a whole system of acupuncture that deals just with the ears. Over the years, I have personally experienced the profound and sometimes immediate balancing effects of gentle pressure techniques applied to the ears and surrounding areas. So I decided to offer it as a stand alone technique for anyone seeking a quick yet profound experience. This technique is also included in the trifecta experience.
Sobolance Trifecta Reflexology 80 Minutes - $55
This experience is the distillation of my life's work. For over 30 years I have been searching for the perfect natural treatment to ease pain and suffering. The trifecta experience is a synergistic blend of hand, foot and head reflexology with various other energy balancing treatments that seek to quiet your inner resistance and invoke a sense of deep stillness. It is in this stillness that stress is released and you can more clearly see you next steps.. Receiving this experience on a weekly basis can reduce chronic stress. multiple experience discounts available. This is the #1 guest requested experience.
Sobolance Trifecta Express 50 Minutes - $30
A shorter version of the trifecta experience focusing mainly on the feet. Includes warm towels on the feet and the sobolance deep peace balancing technique. the Perfect treat for the time pressed guest.
You’re Glowing… Facial Reflexology Experience - $65
80 minutes
My unique take on "the facial". The experience is the fruition of my over 25 years working in aesthetics, You're glowing works to give you radiant skin from the inside out. The heart of the treatment in my 30 + minute facial reflexology sequence, that works to stimulate skin renewal and eliminate toxins. This treatment also includes hand and foot reflexology, lots of warm towels and moments of pure bliss. This treatment is truly a one of a kind experience.

Classic Experiences

Freedom in Movement (Most Massage LIke) - $60
80 minutes
My version on the classic body massage super charged with reflexology and energy balancing. The goal of freedom in movement is increased range of motion and a deep sense of relaxation. Freedom in movement includes work on the back, neck, arms and legs. This experience requires some disrobing,guests are always modestly draped. As with most of my experiences warm towels abound
All IN....Extended Face & Body Treatment - $110
135 Minutes
The ultimate experience combines You're Glowing Facial Reflexology and the Freedom in Movement Experience. Includes time for brow grooming at an additional cost..

Stress Free Living

3,2,1 PEACE Meditation for the Average Joe Or Jane
Forget what you have heard about meditation and experience peace in as little 30 seconds. Practicing these simple exercises for a few minutes several times a day can truly change your life! Forget sitting like a pretzel on the floor, you can practice this anywhere, anytime.