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General Healing - Adult (60 mins) - New Clients - $250
First time client sessions begin with a consultation. During your session, Jude will cleanse, balance and charge your aura to increase your vitality. Anyone can benefit from a spiritual healing session. Having your aura cleansed can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed or "lighter". Jude may suggest additional practices to assist you in your spiritual development. Note: upon consultation with Jude, advanced healing services may be suggested, ex) entity removal $1,500 each, house blessings $1,500. Navigate to the Services --> What to Expect page or call the office for additional information.
General Healing - Adult (60 mins) - Returning Clients - $325
A general healing session for returning clients will assist you in your healing and spiritual development. During your session, Jude will continue the cleansing, balancing and charging of your aura, and teach you protective practices to promote continued healing. Clients report feeling refreshed, relaxed or "lighter" after each healing session. Note: upon consultation with Jude, advanced healing services may be suggested, ex) entity removal $1,500 each, house blessings $1,500.

Navigate to the Services --> What to Expect page or call the office for additional information.
General Healing - Adult (90 mins) - $400
A 90 minute general healing session provides a more in-depth spiritual cleansing through the use of crystals, aroma therapies and other therapeutic techniques tailored to each client's individual needs. He will also teach you protective practices to promote continued healing. Clients often report feeling more relaxed, at peace, uplifted and energized following a session. Note: upon consultation with Jude, advanced healing services may be suggested, ex) entity removal $1,500 each, house blessings $1,500.
General Healing - Child - $150
A general healing service for children age 12 and under will assist in the child's overall sense of well-being. Clients are often happy to see an improvement in the child's attitude and behavior.
General Healing - Animals - $85
Jude also performs healings for animals or pets that have been previously abused or abandoned and are experiencing behavioral problems. A energy healing session for your pet may reduce built up anxiety, fear and/or aggression.
General Healing Session via Skype - 45 mins - $200
Remote General Healing Session with Jude can be done via Skype. Sessions are booked in 30 minute increments for $150 each.
Focused Healing - Problem Specific - $350
A focused healing session targets a specific ailment or concern, allowing the spiritual energy to be directed exclusively at resolving a problem. A Focused Healing session starts at $350 and will vary depending on the nature of the ailment or concern. Call for additional details on pricing.
House Blessings - $750
Please call to discuss pricing for your home blessing prior to reserving online, as the cost will vary by home size, degree of energy clearing, see details below.

House blessings cost a minimum of $750 to book online; this includes $500 for one room only, plus $250 minimum for Jude's travel to your home. Travel pricing from Jude's office to your home: if less than or equal to 7 miles = $250 (minimum); $500 if more than 7 miles. Blessing a full home will cost an additional $500 per room.

Additional pricing on arrival includes entities discovered during the energetic clearing; entity removal will cost $1,500 per entity removed. Jude will assess the number of entities when he arrives. To place a screen of protection around the home following a house blessing is an extra $1,500. For more information about what a 'screen of protection' is, refer to the website or call the office.

During a house blessing, Jude will cleanse your space with spiritual energy to harmonize and balance your living environment.

An office blessing removes old energies from previous owners or tenants.

For more information on house or office blessings see the full description on our website: Services -->Other-->Home/Office Blessings, or call for details.
Shamanic Rituals - $500
Price start at $500. Shamanic Rituals can be helpful to instill moments of clarity, guidance or inspiration surrounding Business Ventures, Relationships, and to bless Wedding ceremonies or other endeavors. Shamanic Ritual healing is also beneficial for people who have been cursed by jealousy or mischievous entities. This may include "cutting chords" of past relationships or entity attachments, negative family histories or abuse, use of ayahuasca or other psychedelics etc that have left an harmful energetic residue, which Jude will determine after consultation. These entities want them to fail in all endeavors, make family members sick, or cause accidents. In Africa, this type of curse is described as “curse webs” similar to a spider's web that holds its prey captive. The Shamanic Ritual that Jude performs will cut the webs of confusion, mental instability, and failure in both physical and spiritual life resulting from a curse. Call for details.
Shamanic Training - $1,500 (call for appointment)
Price starts at $1500. Private training sessions with Jude to develop your inner potential, gain shamanic knowledge, learn to heal yourself and family with sacred spiritual practices or train with Jude to become a shaman healer. Call for pricing details 310.849.3119.
Assisting Transition of the Deceased - $1,500
Price starts at $1,500. This service will clear the presence of deceased souls who have recently passed away from the physical realm. This service is used if the presence of a loved one or any other person recently deceased is felt around you or in a physical space. Final price of this service will depend on the extent of the energetic work needed to clear the space. Call for details.
Single Entity (Ghost and Astral Attachment) Removal - $1,500
Entities are souls of the deceased that remain in the astral plane and can attach to people or their aura in the physical realm, otherwise known as "ghosts".

Entities can be good and bad – some may linger around their family once they pass on to protect the family. Mischievous entities can attach to people on the physical realm to continue a destructive habit they had in their physical life.

Symptoms of an entity attachment can include: sensations of someone scratching or tickling your limbs, waking up from sleep with unexplained scratches on your body, reoccurring dreams of a loved one, astral sex, sudden onset of destructive patterns ex) overeating, drugs, sexual activity, anxiety or toxic behaviors.

Shamanic treatment to remove an entity starts at $1,500 for each entity attachment. Pricing discounts will be applied if several entities are detected upon consultation with Jude. Jude will determine the type of entity during your session. Additional fee will be charged if the entity requires more energy to be removed (ex, entities acquired during an ayahuasca ceremony or other drug experience, alien entities etc).

In these examples: Alien, Ayahuasca/drug entity is an additional $1,000 ($2,500 total)

Call for pricing details or to determine if you need an entity removal.
In-Person Healings outside of Los Angeles (call for appointment)
Jude travels frequently around the world to give healings to his international clients and can provide Shamanic services such as house blessings, entity removals, general healings, and more. If you are interested in having Jude travel with you or to you, please contact us for more information.

General guideline: Trips outside of L.A. must be for a duration of at least 3 days. Fee varies depending on the services required, please call us to discuss. Travel, lodging, ground transportation, and hospitality for Jude and one assistant will be covered by the client. For additional information, please call or email info@judethehealer.org.
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