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Senior Naturopath - First Appointment - $250
Initial consults are 60 minutes. This is a chance for you and your practitioner to discuss your health history and plan how to optimise your health going forward.
Senior Naturopath - Follow Up Appointment - $150
Follow up appointments are 30 minutes. This allows continued care and enables your practitioner to follow-up on your treatment progression.
Senior Naturopath - Functional Test Analysis and Results Appointment - $250
Functional testing is a useful and informative tool to help both you and your practitioner understand how your body is functioning and may be required to investigate and streamline your treatment as we work towards wellness.

This consult includes the extra time required to fully analyse your results and determine the best course of action based on those results for your unique situation and also includes the consultation to discuss these results and action.

Consultation time is 45 minutes, and includes a further 30 minutes for the functional testing analysis.
Discovery Call - $0
Want to know if Nicola can help you? Book in a discovery call to have a quick chat about your health and how we can help.