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Executive Consulting - 1-Hour Session
Executive Consulting - One hour can create the one shift you need to move yourself, career and business forward. Kathleen works directly with you to provide clear, accurate and achievable results! $350 per hour investment.
Leadership Webinars
Check back for Kathleen's Leadership and Business Webinars - FALL 2018
Power of One Strategy Session (call for appointment)
Kathleen Wood Partners knows it is hard to tell the difference until you actually work with a consultant. The Power of One Strategy Session takes all the guess work out of the decision making process. The Power of One | One Day | One Fee | One Guarantee.
Executive Consulting - SIx-Pack
Six one-hour Executive Consulting sessions on one of the following topics:
- Leadership Path - chart a new course for your success
- Business Consulting - focus on making a shift for success for your business
All six packs are completed with in six weeks or less. Fast, direct and results oriented!
Client Meeting
Client Visit

Small Business Solutions- Vision to Reality Series

Make Your P&L- Your B$TCH- FREE Webinar
Answer the following three questions:
1) Do you have an accountant or any accounting software and only use them occasionally?
2) Do you know what goes into every line item of your P&L?
3) Do you avoid looking at your P&L's because of anxiety, shame, uncertainty or fear of throwing up?

If you answered yes to any of above, this is your webinar and trust me everyone will answer yes to at leaest one of the above. Stop FEARING your P&L and start OWNING your P&L!

In one hour, Kathleen will share with you steps for making your P&L your B$TCH.
- The Power of Financial Visibility
- How and Where to Focus on Your P&L
- Leveraging Your P&L for Profits

A great concept making no money is a hobby, an ok concept making money is a business, a great concept making money is success!

Spaces are limited - sign up today! Bonus, the first 10 people that sign up will recieve an autogrpahed copy of Kathleen's book, The Best Shift of Your Life!

October 16th at 11:00 am CST