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Providing eyelash extensions and facial services to quality clients who enjoys spending time with a rebel. Currently working in Arlington and Frisco. If booking for Frisco, please contact Cat via 682.408.7603.

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Classic Starter - $70
(No discounts accepted for starters.)
This enhancement is half a full set and is recommended for anyone new to the lash game. Won't last as long as a full set, but will give you an idea of how the lashes will be on your eyes.
Classic Full Set - $150
Duration: approx 1 hr 30 mins
Individual synthetic lashes to enhance your natural lashes one by one for that curled, mascara look without the clumpy effect of using mascara. Perfect for clients with naturally full lashes.

I recommend 2-3 weeks for refills depending on lash growth.
2D Volume Starter - $100
2D Volume- Light volume
Recommended for those starting out and wants to go for the wispy look
(No discounts accepted for starters)
3D Volume Set - $120
3D - 3 lashes per natural lash
Recommended for those who wants that natural mascara look with a touch of volume. Subtle, delicate and flirty.
Kinky Kitty Volume Set - $150
Duration: approx 2hrs
Light synthetic lashes crafted into a bouquet of 2-6 lashes and placed upon each of your natural lashes for that intensified yet natural look. Great for lashes that are naturally sparse and lasts much longer because of its nature.
Feisty Kitty Hybrid Set - $180
Duration: approx 1hr 45mins
You get the best of both worlds with the longevity of the volume and dark aura of the classic set. For a dreamy edgy appearance.

Sexy Kitty Dramatic Set - $250
Duration: 2 hrs
Reveal your inner diva with the Ultimate Floof! Mega-Volume lashes for anyone who wants to be a show stopper. For special occasions, photoshoots, etc. Lasts longer, look bolder, and make those eyes pop!
Notice Me Senpai - $150
Duration: approx 1 hr 30 mins
You're the kind of person who knows what you want in life. Color is love, color is life!! Choose a color that you would like, a style of how you want it and I will work my magic. Great for events, holidays, or just because you're awesome like that. Colors are limited so ask first to see if there's any available.
Volume/Hybrid Fills (2 weeks) - $70
Volume/Hybrid Fills (3 weeks) - $80
Volume/Hybrid Fills (4 weeks) - $90
Volume/Hybrid Fills (5 wks) - $100
Dramatic Fills (2 weeks) - $90
Dramatic Fills (3 weeks) - $100
Dramatic Fills (4 weeks) - $110
Dramatic Fills (5 wks) - $120
Classic Fills (2 weeks) - $60
Classic Fills (3 weeks) - $70
Classic Fills (4 weeks) - $80
Classic Fills (5 wks) - $90
3D Volume Fill (2 wks) - $60
3D Volume Fill (3 wks) - $70
3D Volume Fill (4 wks) - $80
3D Volume Fill (5 wks) - $100
Lash Removal - $15
Lash removal takes time and consideration as to not cause damage to your natural lashes.
*anyone who is booking for a full set will not be charged for removal*
Please make sure if you do need lashes removed prior to a new set that you leave a note so I can lengthen the time.


Mini Facial - $40
A quick pick me up or for anyone on the go. Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, and moisterizer.
Deluxe Facial - $60
Standard facial for your specific skin types whether it is dry, oily, or combination.
Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extraction, mask and moisturizer.
Clarity Facial - $75
For acne prone skin that requires a little more attention. As I have always been interested in tedious and your pores are going to have some quality time with me.
Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, in-depth extraction, mask and moisturizer.

*Please understand that this is not an instant gratification service as I, too, suffer from problem skin for a long time and still struggle with it on occasions. This will require several sessions at least once a month until your skin stabilizes. Then away you go, little bird...away you go.*
Anti-Aging Facial - $120
An in-depth facial focusing on lifting away dead skin cells to rejuvenate the skin for a fresher and glowing appearance.

Includes cleansing, toning, extraction, light peeling solution, mask, ultrasonic lift, and moisturizer.


Consultation for Lashes/Facials
Consultation is free for anyone who wants to know what services are best for them and enable me to examine your lashes or skin to give you a more accurate recommendation and time approximation. A cc is required to hold a consultation but no charges will occur.


Eyebrow Wax - $10
Yes, it sounds funny to say but I am serious about trying to make your brows look like twins. Involves trimming, tweezing, and glaring. At least you're suffering under the hands of an artist. A very picky artist.
Lip Wax - $6
Chin - $10
Full Face - $35
Underarms - $25
Lower arms - $35
Full arm - $50
Lower back - $35
Full Back
Starts at $50+ depending on area needed to be waxed
Lower Leg
Starts at $35+ depending on area needed to be waxed
Full Leg
Starts at $60+ depending on area needed to be waxed
Starts at $40+ depending on area needed to be waxed

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