Deep, deep, deep! Becca has rock-climber strength that she uses to push through knotted, dense tissue. As both a yoga instructor and an LMT, Becca brings the same mindfulness that she cultivates in each of her yoga classes into her massage sessions. With a talent for finding sneaky areas of tension, she gives extra attention to problem areas while balancing the rest of the body out with proper work. And Becca is a Douala and teaches pregnancy yoga, so she's the most knowledgeable person you could see for prenatal work!
Sessions with Becky are perfect for those days when you just need to shut your brain off and relax. Becky takes her time working out knots, thoroughly and slowly, by using a mix of broad and focused pressure. She strips muscles in the limbs to offer relief for tense, overworked muscles and elongates dense, bunched up tissues. It’s like your muscles are a ball of clay and Becky is pulling and smoothing it out so that it lays flat. By the time you hop off the table, all the tension will be drained from your body and your brain will be mush. Guaranteed.
Whether you just want to relax or are suffering from chronic pain, or something in between then meet Bex! She uses a combination of modalities from stripping, to broad strokes of her forearm, to active release techniques that allow the muscles to relax and release faster. She has served a wide variety of therapeutic issues from de-stressing, everyday aches and pains, muscle soreness, injuries to chronic pain. She puts her heart and soul into her work while listening to the clients needs, addressing their problem areas and providing the proper at home care.
Having dealt with extreme pain due to a near fatal car accident, Crystal is passionate about holistic healing. Yogi & plant-eater, she is fascinated by the body’s ability to heal from the inside out, and wants to share that through her work in massage. Her mission is to resolve pain head on, and by working toward goals that are unique to each individual. Whether you’re looking to put an end to the chronic or acute pains & knots, or simply carving out time to take care of your mind and body, she’s got something in her toolbox for you. Let’s not put a bandaid on those problem areas anymore, and let’s work toward fixing them!
Hello I’m Dannie! Being a Massage Therapist is a true passion of mine because I genuinely enjoy healing the mind, body and spirit. Everything that a human experiences in life takes a toll on the physical body in some form and that’s where I come in: to provide healing so you can enjoy a life free of pain. Prior to becoming an LMT, I worked with the elderly in nursing homes, which helped me learn a lot about different areas in the body and how they’re affected as we age. I specialize in deep tissue and cupping therapy, as well as energy work. When I am not massaging, you can usually find me at a karaoke bar, giving tarot readings, or in the sun doing yoga with my German shepherd Gypsy.
Elday is a student of the body, breath, and movement. Merging her modern understandings of bodywork and touch, Elday’s alignment-focused approach works in tandem with her warmth and intelligence to create a safe space for others to heal. Elday believes the transformational techniques and teachings of bodywork can empower us to sense our worthiness and live to our full potential. She has a knack for making these concepts accessible and enjoyable to learn, challenging her clients to facilitate their own healing. She cultivates an environment that guarantees you'll get off her table feeling better than you did when you came in!
If you’re looking for a therapist with a wide breadth, then look no further! Whether your muscles are tense, tired, or totally torn-up, Emily knows how to help. Emily is a Certified ROLFer specializing in Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage. Her practices combines her anatomical expertise with a wide array of massage techniques like stretching, flushing, stripping and compression.
Heather has always been drawn to helping others and fulfills that through the healing power of physical touch. The intention in her touch can be felt from the first stroke throughout to the last. While she may be newer into the scene don't let that fool you on the level of care she gives to each of her clients. She will sink deep into your areas of tension and not let up until they have released, bordering on the line of "that good pain". You will leave your session feeling anew and rejuvenated with a feeling of connection after having experienced Heather's energy.
If you’re looking to zone out and just relax, look elsewhere but if you’re an athlete, look no further! Kinza has a very firm touch and can deliver as deep of pressure as you need while stretching out your muscles to improve your mobility and get optimal range of motion. Her goal is to help active individuals release tension, improve their performance, decrease recovery time, and feel better overall in their day to day life. With consistent massage and an individualized plan for each client, Kinza is here to help guide you where you want to be!
Kyra is not currently accepting new clients but she personally vouches for the awesomeness of everyone else at Mantis! Need help finding the best therapist for you? Give us a call! 512.540.5827
Sparkles has focused the majority of her career on injury and treatment work and medical massage. She is skilled at working with headaches, migraines, sciatic pain, joint and limb issues, and scar work, but also enjoys pregnancy and relaxation massage. After becoming certified in 2002, she worked with the community at Seattle AIDS Support Group and Rosehedge House providing massage to those affected by HIV and AIDS, as well as at Jubilee House providing massage to women in transitional housing.
Zanni is your go-to-gal to when you need a mind and body reset. Her approachable demeanor, and relaxation focus is perfect for all kinds of clients, but she’s not afraid to go a little deeper to really work out those stubborn knots. She’s especially adept at releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, and back making her the perfect therapist to see for neck spasms, sore backs and shoulders, or just good ol’ general maintenance.