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Private Lessons

Full Hour Voice Session
Pick this option if you are on a subscription plan that calls for hour sessions, or just need an hour of time.
30 Minute Voice Session
Pick this service if you are on a subscription plan that calls for 30 minute sessions, need a tune up, or just need 30 minutes of time.
"Sound Check" (Mini Voice Session) (call for appointment)
Check on form and sound, make sure you are exercising correctly.
To schedule: call or text. Dependent on availability.


POP UP Straw Phonation Class MONDAY, FEB 18 @ 7pm CST - $10
POP UP classes are single subject online voice education classes for everyone. Free for subscription holders, only $10 for a single log on. We use Zoom, which you can download for free at or via your favorite app store.

This week will be on straw phonation - why and how we can use it to get our best voices. As this is still cold season, you might discover how to use a straw to keep you singing through a cold, or to help relieve a hoarse voice. Even the most seasoned vocalists use straws to keep their voices in good shape. A straw may not be front page news, but that's just because you haven't had your own STRAWPIPHANY.

Come join us to learn the details, ask questions, and learn from others.

Space limited to 20. Zoom link will be provided with ticket purchase.
Voice Teaching Forum - $25
This forum is a place for vocal coaches in Nashville to improve their teaching skills and knowledge. We will do this by sharing science based information, and supporting each other in the practice of coaching and teaching.

Limited to 8 participants, by invitation only.
Facilitation fee: Liz Johnson Voice subscription members $10, non-members $25.